Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule November 21 & 22

November 22


07:02 Mr. Tezuka, Assistant to PM
08:04 Mr. Tezuka leave
08:07 Parliament
08:14 Ministerial Meeting
08:29 Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Genba, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
09:00 Interview with government publicity
09:36 Mr. Fujii, DPJ Head of Tax Research Commission
10:02 The Lower House Financial Affairs Committee
11:52 The office of PM
11:54 Mr. Tsuda, a ministerial aid for the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, Mr. Moriyama, Chief of Employment Security Bureau

01:03 Three DPJ/Government Executive Meeting. Mr. Jojima, DPJ Deputy Secretary General, was also present.
02:07 Commend persons of child-support and youth-training merit. Ms. Renho, Minister of State for Measures for Declining Birthrate, and Gender Equality, and other were also present.
02:25 Mr. Naoshima, DPJ Vice President
02:48 Mr. Hirano, Minister for Reconstruction in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake, Mr. Suematsu, Assistant to PM
03:24 Observe the screening process at the Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Accompanied by Mr. Tezuka, Assistant to PM.
04:02 Press interview
04:27 The office of PM
04:32 Mr. Jojima, DPJ Deputy Secretary General.
05:00 Mr. Tezuka, Assistant to PM
06:03 Meeting with Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki, accompanied by Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
06:33 Dinner party hosted by Prime Minister
07:39 Send-off Prime Minister ai-Maliki
07:42 The residence of PM

November 21


06:46 Mr. Nagahama, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Tezuka, Assistant to PM
08:38 Both leave
08:47 Parliament
09:00 The Upper House Budget Committee

01:01 The Upper House Plenary Session
02:54 Visits to Mr. Hirata, Chairperson of the Upper House, Mr. Otsuji, Vice-Chairperson of the Upper House, and parliamentary groups of ruling and opposing parties, accompanied by Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Azumi, Minister of Finance.
03:10 The office of PM
04:07 Meeting of prefectural governors
05:03 Meeting of the National Policy Unit
06:10 Imperial Palace, report of return from Indonesia.
06:24 The office of PM
06:26 Ms. Harumi Takahashi, Governor of Hokkaido, and others, petition to bolster restitution of the northern territories. Mr. Kawabata, Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs, was also present.
06:59 The residence of PM
07:00 Mr. Okada, former DPJ Secretary General
08:20 Mr. Okada leaves

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