Friday, November 18, 2011

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule November 17

08:33 Office of PM
09:15 Mr. Tezuka, Assistant to PM
10:15 Mr. Tezuka leaves
10:54 Parliament
10:58 Mr. Furukawa, Minister of State for National Policy
11:28 Mr. Hirata, Chairperson of the Upper House, Mr. Mizuoka, Assistant to PM
11:39 Mr. Hiraoka, Minister of Justice

12:11 Welcome reception for King and Queen Wangchuck of Bhutan.
12:38 Office of PM
01:48 Parliament
02:02 The Lower House Plenary Session
04:06 The Office of PM
04:25 Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary
05:02 Press interview
05:25 Haneda Airport
05:50 Took off for Indonesia to attend ASEAN summit.

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