Sunday, July 26, 2020

Monday Asia Events July 27 2020

IS THE US READY FOR AN INDO-US PARTNERSHIP? 7:00–9:00pm (IST), WEBINAR. Sponsor: Observer Research Foundation (ORF). Speakers: Alyssa Ayres, Senior Fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia, Council on Foreign Relations; Jeff Smith, Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation Asian Studies Center; Sanjaya Baru, Distinguished Fellow, Institute for Defense Studies & Analysis & United Service Institution. Moderator: Rajeswari Rajagopalan, Distinguished Fellow, ORF.

EXPANSION OF MARITIME ACTIVITY IN THE BERING STRAIT REGION: MITIGATING EXISTING AND FUTURE RISKS. 11:00am-12:30pm (EDT), WEBINAR. Sponsor: Polar Institute, Wilson Center. Speakers: Mark Everett, U.S. Coast Guard District 17 Incident, Management & Preparedness Advisor, Co-Chair of the Joint Planning Group for Russia-U.S. Joint Marine Pollution Contingency Plan (JCP); Dr. Natalia Kutaeva, Counsellor to the Director of Marine Rescue Service (MRS), Co-Chair of the Joint Planning Group for Russia-U.S. Joint Marine Pollution Contingency Plan (JCP); Ed Page, Executive Director, Marine Exchange Alaska; Yaari Walker, Indigenous Consultant for Alaska Pacific University; Margaret Williams, Director, WWF US Arctic Program. Moderator: Ambassador David Balton, Senior Fellow, Polar Institute, Former Ambassador for Oceans and Fisheries, U.S. Department of State.

THE FUTURE OF THE US POSTURE IN THE GULF. 10:00–11:00am (EDT), WEBINAR. Sponsor: IISS. Speakers: Daniel Benaim, Fellow, Century Foundation; Kirsten Fontenrose, Director for Regional Security, Middle East, Atlantic Council; Becca Wasser, Fellow, Defense Program, Center for a New American Security. Moderator: Emile Hokayem, Senior Fellow for Middle East Security, IISS.

OFFSHORE WIND: UNLOCKING POTENTIAL FOR A GREEN STIMULUS. 10:00–11:00am (EDT), WEBINAR. Sponsor: Atlantic Council. Speakers: Thomas Brostrøm, CEO, Ørsted North America, Offshore Wind; Karen Douglas, Commissioner, California Energy Commission; David Hayes, Executive Director, State Energy and Environmental Impact Center; Hannes Pfeifenberger, Principal, Brattle Group. Moderator: David Goldwyn, Chairman, Energy Advisory Group.

ANOTHER AUGUST SURPRISE: WHAT IS PUTIN UP TO IN UKRAINE? Noon–1:00pm (EDT), WEBINAR. Sponsor: Atlantic Council. Speakers: Pavel Felgenhauer, Columnist, Novaya Gazeta; David Kramer, Senior Fellow, Vaclav Havel Program for Human Rights and Diplomacy; Hanna Shelest, Director of the Security Studies Program, Foreign Policy Council “Ukraine Prism”. Moderator: John Herbst, Director, Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center.

CHINA 101 BRIEFING SERIES- FEEDING THE DRAGON: THE ROLE OF CULTURAL DIPLOMACY IN US-CHINA RELATIONS. 1:00-2:00pm (EDT), WEBINAR. Sponsor: US-Asia Institute (USAI). Speakers: Chris Fenton, CEO, Media Capital Technologies, Trustee, USAI; Zak Dychtwald, Founder and CEO, Young China Group.

UNDOING 70 YEARS OF WAR: A ROUNDTABLE ON ADVANCING PEACE IN KOREA. 1:00-2:30pm (EDT), ZOOM WEBINAR. Sponsor: Quincy Institute. Speakers: Katharine Moon, Professor of Political Science and the Wasserman Chair of Asian Studies at Wellesley College; Lt. Col. Daniel Davis (Senior Fellow and Military Expert at Defense Priorities, Henri Feron, Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy; Jessica Lee, Senior Research Fellow on East Asia at Quincy Institute; Adam Mount, Senior Fellow and Director of the Defense Posture Project at the Federation of American Scientists; and Hazel Smith, Professorial Research Associate at SOAS, University of London.

A CONVERSATION WITH MARY L. TRUMP. 5:30pm (EDT), LIVE STREAM. Sponsor: The Washington Post. Speaker: Mary L. Trump, Author, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man, President Donald J. Trump's niece; Moderator: Robert Costa, Columnist, The Washington Post. PURCHASE BOOK

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Things Japanese in Washington

Japan in DC

JAPAN IN DC is a 128-page full color, high-quality paperback, based on the writing, photography, and creative expressions of Washington, DC students who spent their summer 2017 investigating the presence of Japan in their own hometown. The adventure was coordinated by Globilize DC. It is a quirky, curious albeit heart-felt addition to Washington's travel literature. The students encounter not just the obvious, but discover Japan's complex involvement in the nation's capital.

They visit memorials, museums, theaters, gardens, nonprofits, exchange programs, Japanese markets, Japanese restaurants, veterans groups, foundations, think tanks, companies, and the Embassy of Japan. 

One stop they make is to the Navy Yard where in 1860 the first Japanese delegation to the U.S. arrived to visit Washington. At the Yard's National Museum of the U.S. Navy the students marvel at the WWII guns. Yet, missed was the 14 foot model of the USS Houston (CA-30). The sinking of this heavy cruiser in the Sunda Strait on March 1, 1942 marked the end of the U.S. Asiatic Fleet. Only 368 of the total complement of 1011 men of the Houston managed survive the sinking and machine gun attacks.The survivors became POWs of Japan and most were sent to the Thai-Burma Death Railway as slave laborers. Of this group, 79 died of maltreatment and starvation.

The book is destined to be a significant artifact of Abe Administration public diplomacy. Tourists and historians are encouraged to purchase a copy. A bargain at only $16, your purchase is also a good deed. All proceeds from the sale of the book support Globalize DC's Japanese language and culture programs offered at no cost to DC public high school students.   

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