Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule Dec 31, 2012-Jan 6, 2013

December 31, 2012 (MON)


Home in Tomigaya, Tokyo

12:44 Hotel Grand Hyatt Tokyo, exercise in Nagomi Spa and Fitness
04:44 Home i

January 1, 2013 (TUE)


10:31 Imperial Palace, attend new year’s ceremony with Mrs. Akie Abe
11:32 Home in Tomigaya

12:43 Mr. Fukushiro Nukaga, LDP member, former Finance Minister
01:08 Mr. Nukaga leaves
02:42 Mr. Shiozaki, LDP Policy Research council chief
03:07 Mr. Aso, Deputy PM
04:33 Mr. Aso leaves

January 2, 2013 (WED)


10:18 Hotel Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Roppongi

02:50 Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills; Watch “Les Miserables” with his mom and wife

January 3, 2013 (THU)


08:02 Play golf; Morinaga Takataki Country Club, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture

04:00 Grand Hyatt Tokyo

January 4, 2013 (FRI)


09:03 JR Tokyo Station
09:09 Mr. Shimomura, Minister of Education; Mr. Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Amari, Minister of Economic Revitalization
09:11 Leave the station on Nozomi bullet train #12
09:12 Mr. Shimomura
10:30 Mr. Yamamoto, Minister of Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs
10:51 Arrive at JR Nagoya station
10:58 Kintetsu Nagoya Station; meeting with Governor Hideaki Oomura of Aichi Prefecture
11:10 Leave the station on Kintetsu express train; Mr. Kato, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, accompanies.

12:33 Arrive at Kintetsu Uji Yamada Station; greeted by Governor Eikei Suzuki of Mie Prefecture
12:42 Ise Jingu Shrine; offer prayer with Mr. Tanigaki, Ministry of Justice, Mr. Tamura, Ministry of Health, Mr. Moteki, Ministry of Economy
01:12 Inner court
02:19 Flower presentation by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from Ise, Mie Prefecture
02:45 Press Conference
03:41 Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station
03:53 Leave the station
04:00 Mr. Kato, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
05:17 Kintetsu Nagoya Station
05:21 JR Nagoya Station
05:42 Leave Nagoya on Nozomi Bullet Traion No. 378
06:08 Mr. Furuya, Minister in charge of the Abduction Issue
06:50 Mr. Inada, Minister in charge of Administrative Reform
07:20 Arrive at JR Tokyo Station
07:42 Home in Tomigaya

January 5, 2013 (SAT)
11:29 Cemetery in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture; visit Mr. Hisayuki Miyake’s grave

12:38 The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
12:40 Lunch with Special Advisors in a restaurant Origami
12:55 Mr. Ishihara, Minister of Environment
01:22 Office
01:32 Mr. Yonemura, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management; Mr. Kitamura, Director of Cabinet Intelligence; Mr. Kitamura, Coast Guard Commandant; Mr. Nishimura, Security Bureau Director-General, National Police Agency; and Mr. Hiramatsu, Policy Bureau Director-General, MoFA
03:00 Mr. Etsuro Honda, Spcial Advisor to Cabinet
03:25 Mr. Kawai, Administrative Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
04:00 Hotel Grand Hyatt Tokyo, exercise in Spa and Fitness in the hotel
06:04 Dinner with Mr. Masahiko Tsugawa, an actor, and others at Godaime Nodaiwa, an eel restaurant in Higashi Azabu, Tokyo
08:43 Home in Tomigaya, Tokyo

January 6, 2013 (SUN)


Home in Tomigaya, Tokyo

01:30 Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura, President of Kiyomura, which operate a sushi chain Sushi Zanmai
01:55 Haircut at Hair Guest in Shibuya, Tokyo
03:39 Home
03:56 Mr. Aso, Deputy PM
05:04 Mr. Aso leaves

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