Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule December 14-15

December 15, 2011


08:52 The office of PM
09:11 Ministerial Meeting on the Overseas Deployment of Integrated Infrastructure Systems
09:24 Council for Science and Technology Policy
10:02 Mr. Furukawa, Minister of State for National Policy; Mr. Ogushi, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office
10:26 Mr. Hosono, Minister of State for the Nuclear Power Policy and Administration; Mr. Fukano, Director-General of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency; Mr. Sugawara, Director-General of Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Mr. Sagisaka, Director-General of the Environment Management Bureau, Ministry of Environment.
10:56 Photo and Video Shooting for DPJ publicity

01:30 Hotel Le Port Koujimachi, Hiraka-cho, Tokyo. Gave remarks at the Symposium of Advanced Accelerator Association Promoting Science and Technology.
01:52 The office of PM
02:01 Mr. Uematsu, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
02:25 Mr. Nagashima, Special Advisor to PM
03:36 Mr. Azumi, Minister of Finance; Mr. Katsu, Administrative Vice-Minister of Finance; Mr. Manago, Director General of the Budget Bureau, Ministry of Finance
04:38 Everyone leaves
04:47 Meeting of the Forum for Consultations between the National and Regional Governments
05:00 Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
05:16 Mr. Norihiro Okuda, Ambassador of Japan to the Arab Republic of Egypt, and others
05:53 The Council on National Strategy and Policy
07:07 Receives advice from Mr. Masaru Nishio, President of the Local Government System Research Council
07:22 Mr. Furukawa, Minister of State for National Policy
07:29 The residence of PM

December 14, 2011


09:22 The office of PM
09:24 Mr. Edano, Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
09:31 Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, join
10:00 Phone conversation with Prime Minister Harper of Canada
10:18 Mr. Kawabata, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications; Mr. Fukuda, Vice-Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications; Mr. Goto, Senior Vice Minister of Cabinet Office; Mr. Tsugawa, Parliamentary Secretary of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary.
10:52 Mr. Genba, Minister of Foreign Affairs
11:28 Mr. Maehara, Chairperson of DPJ Policy Research Council
11:57 Mr. Maehara leaves

12:41 Mr. Suematsu, Special Advisor to PM
01:17 Mr. Takahashi, Deputy Director-General, Cabinet Office Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters
01:58 Mr. Sasae, Administrative Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
02:41 Mr. Tadashi Maeda, Special Advisor to the Cabinet
03:04 Mr. Ishida, Senior Vice Minister of Cabinet Office; Mr. Takashi Onishi, President of Science Council of Japan; Mr. Masuo Aizawa, Executive Member of the Council for Science and Technology Policy.
03:10 Mr. Onishi and Mr. Aizawa leave
03:29 Mr. Ishida leaves
03:30 Mr. Nishi, Director-General of the Bureau of Defense Policy, Ministry of Defense
03:56 Mr. Katagiri, Commissioner-General of National Police Agency
04:21 Mr. Katagiri leaves
05:20 The Lower House 1st Diet Members’ Building
05:22 Made remarks at the DPJ Administrative Reform Research Council General Assembly.
05:31 The office of PM
05:36 Mr. Yamaoka, Minister for the Abduction Issue
06:12 Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
07:01 At “Ichiyoshi”, a Japanese restaurant, dinner with Mr. Ritsuo Hosokawa, DPJ Lower House Member; Mr. Yoshiaki Takaki, DPJ Lower House Member; and Mr. Nagahama, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
09:52 The residence of PM

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