Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule December 8

08:11 The office of PM
08:14 Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
08:48 Mr. Tezuka leaves
09:51 Parliament
08:21 Ministerial meeting
10:00 The Upper House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense
11:06 Mr. Nagashima, Special Advisor to PM
11:46 Mr. Teruhiko Mashiko, Chairperson of the Upper House Special Committee on Reconstruction after the East Japan Earthquake, Mr. Suematsu, Special Advisor to PM is also present.


12:08 The residence of PM. Luncheon with Mr. Soichiro Okuno and other DPJ Lower House members.
12:50 Parliament
01:00 The Upper House Special Committee on Reconstruction after the East Japan Earthquake
04:13 The office of PM
04:18 Ruling party leaders talks with Mr. Kamei, Leader of the People’s New Party (Kokumin Shinto), Mr. Koshiishi, DPJ Secretary General, and Mr. Shimoji, Secretary-General of the People’s New Party, are also present.
05:09 Three DPJ/Government Executive Meeting
05:36 Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
05:56 Mr. Sugiyama, Director-General of Asia and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
06:33 Top level meeting with President Laura Chinchilla of the Republic of Costa Rica
07:08 Joint press announcement with President Chinchilla
08:30 Send off President Chinchilla at the PM’s office entrance
09:11 Attend a local supporter’s funeral ceremony with Mrs. Noda, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture
09:57 The residence of PM

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