Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama postpones trip to Asia

(March 18, 2010) The President is pleased that the House has posted the health care legislation on the Internet and that a final vote is coming.

But since the House rules rightly provide for a 72-hour public review period, it is clear that a final vote on health insurance reform cannot take place before Sunday afternoon.

As a result, the President telephoned the leaders of Indonesia and Australia and told them that he must postpone his planned visits there for a later date so he can remain in Washington for this critical vote. The President expects to visit Indonesia in June.

The President greatly regrets the delay. Our international alliances are critical to America’s security and economic progress. But passage of health insurance reform is of paramount importance, and the President is determined to see this battle through.

Informed Washington Commentary on the Postponed Trip

Asia trip delay good news for Sasha and Malia? by Josh Rogin, The Cable

Obama's Asia trip delay shows lower priority of foreign policy by Josh Rogin, The Cable

Indonesia trip complicates State Department Asia agenda by Josh Rogin, The Cable
"The visit is complicating on several levels," the [State Dept] official said. "We have a series of relatively modest deliverables, but every point has been difficult." [Ed. And Guam would have been totally unpleasant.]

Strike Two - Postponement of Obama Trip to Indonesia & Australia by Ernest Bower, CSIS, Southeast Asia Program
"I believe President Obama will be given a very easy pass on this second strike, and the postponement back to the originally planned date is almost welcome in Jakarta and Canberra."

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