Monday, March 1, 2010

APP Members in Print

Recent issues of the online foreign policy journal YaleGlobal have featured pieces by Asia Policy Point members.

To Deal With New Challenges, Should NATO Go Global? Before taking global responsibility, NATO needs to get its own house in order, by
Dr. Richard Weitz (Hudson Institute), YaleGlobal , 26 February 2010.
If NATO improves coordination among the dozens of countries and international institutions engaged in Afghanistan, then the Alliance might profitably consider performing the same role in other global hotspots. If it fails in Afghanistan, then NATO should properly concentrate on getting its own house in order before venturing out of its area any time soon.
Will Japan Emerge from its Shell? – Part I Climate change is a good platform for Japan’s greater global intercourse by
Dr. Edward J. Lincoln (New York University) YaleGlobal , 3 February 2010
Japanese must decide for themselves whether they want to come farther out from their shell. A society so insular that it cannot embrace a substantial inflow of immigrants to offset its declining population, however, might not step up to the international role that the world expects.
Will Japan Emerge from its Shell? – Part II The new government finds charting a new course not so easy by Mr. Daniel Sneider (Stanford University), YaleGlobal , 5 February 2010
Whether any real lessons have been learned in Tokyo or Washington remains to be seen [from months of reevaluating their relationship]. But perhaps the turn in Sino-US relations has reminded people in Tokyo and Washington that there remains a strategic purpose to the alliance.

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