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Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule June 29-July 5

June 29, 2013 (Sat)


11:45 Leaves private residence in Tomigaya

12:03 Arrives at Grand Hyatt Tokyo Hotel in Roppongi. Inside, exercises at NAGOMI Spa and Fitness
03:18 Leaves hotel
03:51 Arrives at private residence

June 30, 2013 (Sun)


11:35 Leaves private residence in Tomigaya
11:49 Arrives at LDP Headquarters
11:57 Attends LDP’s Small to Medium Enterprises – Small Businessmen Policy Emergency Forum

12:36 Inspects display corners
01:09 Koichi Hagiuda, Nobuo Kishi, both LDP Lower House Members
01:45 Interview with media outlets
01:51 Leaves party headquarters
02:09 Arrives at private residence

July 1, 2013 (Mon)


08:18 Leaves private residence
08:42 Arrives at JR Ueno Station
09:00 Leaves station on Super Hitachi 11
11:29 Arrives at JR Iwaki Station
11:32 Leaves station. Takumi Nemoto, Minister for Reconstruction; Masako Mori, Minister for Consumer Affairs, accompany
11:50 Arrives at road station Yotsukura-kou at Iwaki, Fukushima
11:51 Inspects the road station and adjoining seawater baths

Abe memorializes
12:06 Inspection ends
12:07 Receives a written request from Takao Watanabe, Mayor of Iwaki
12:11 Leaves roadside station
12:19 Arrives in front of the cenotaph in Hisanohama, Iwaki. Prays, observes the surrounding victims’ situation
12:25 Leaves Hisanohama
12:34 Arrives at Japanese restaurant Wafu Misaka in Hirono, Fukushima. Has lunch with Mr. Nemoto, Ms. Mori, and Motohoshi Yamada, Mayor of Hirono
01:05 Leaves restaurant
01:33 Arrives at Joban Expressway reconstruction site in Naraha, Fukushima. Observes. Accompanied by Yukiei Matsumoto, Naraha Mayor
01:46 Leave work site
01:57 Arrives in front rice paddy field in Hirono, Fukushima
01:58 Inspects paddy and encourages farmers
02:07 Interview with media outlets
02:12 Receives a written request from the mayor of Yamada
02:15 Leaves Hirono
02:51 Arrives at JR Iwaki Station
03:17 Leaves station on Super Hitachi 50
05:37 Arrives at JR Ueno Station
05:40 Leaves station
06:03 Arrives at Hotel Okura in Toranomon, Tokyo. Inside, dines at Japanese restaurant with Bunmei Ibuki, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Hakubun Shimomura, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Hirofumi Nakasone, Chairman of the LDP in the House of Councillors
08:07 Leaves hotel
08:20 Arrives at Hotel Grand Palace in Iidabashi, Tokyo. Inside, dines at Japanese restaurant with Keiko Iizuka, Editorial and Senior Political Writer at Yomiuri Shimbun
10:09 Leaves hotel
10:23 Arrives at private residence

[A video compilation of Abe’s visit to Fukushima prefecture can be found here (Japanese)]

July 2, 2013 (Tues)


09:12 Leaves private residence in Tomigaya
09:27 Arrives at office
09:40 Keiji Furuya, Minister in charge of the Abduction Issue
10:02 Cabinet meeting
10:17 Reconstruction Promotion Council
10:41 Tomomi Inada, Administrative Reform Minister
11:24 Courtesy Call from Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Chief Operating Officer
11:50 Akitaka Saiki, Administrative Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, enters

12:12 Mr. Saiki leaves
12:15 Taro Kimura, Aide to the Prime Minister
12:52 Leaves office
12:55 Arrives at Hotel Okura in Toranomon, Tokyo. Attends the National Meeting of the Japan Private Kindergarten PTA Association, gives address
01:30 Leaves hotel
01:35 Arrives at office
02:05 Leaves office
02:21 Arrives at NHK in Jinnan, Tokyo. Recording broadcast of political views of proportional representation segment of Upper House
04:45 Leaves NHK
05:02 Arrives at LDP Headquarters. Records Internet publicity video with Shinjiro Koizumi, Chief of LDP Youth Division
05:24 Leaves headquarters
05:27 Arrives at office
05:28 Request for regional agriculture promotion from Shinji Kitamura, Mayor of Yachimata City and Masatoshi Akimoto, LDP Lower House Member
05:37 Ichita Yamamoto, Minister of State for Ocean Policy and Territorial Issues
05:58 Akira Amari, Minister of Economic Revitalization
06:28 Leaves office
06:37 Arrives at Tokyo Prince Hotel Shiba Park, Tokyo
06:38 Inside hotel, attends publication party for Yoshiro Mori’s My Biography, gives address
07:08 Leaves hotel
07:33 Arrives at Yakiniku restaurant in Honmachi, Shibuya, Tokyo. Dines with secretary
09:11 Leaves restaurant
09:19 Arrives at private residence
09:32 Takes photograph for Asahi Shimbun’s House of Councillors Election Project

July 3, 2013 (Wed)


09:10 Leaves private residence in Tomigaya
09:25 Arrives at office
09:28 Shigeru Kitamura, Cabinet Intelligence Officer
09:57 Nobutaka Machimura, Chairman of the Government Bullet Train Construction Project Team

12:25 Leaves office
12:30 Arrives at Japan Press Center Building in Uchisaiwaicho, Tokyo
01:01 Nine party leader debate sponsored by Japan Press Club
03:05 Leaves Press Center
03:09 Arrives at office
03:10 Fumio Kishida, Foreign Minister; Akitaka Saiki, Administrative Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Junichi Ihara, Director-General of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau
03:49 Yuji Yamamoto, Lower House Member
04:15 Courtesy call from Yoshiomi Tamai, President of Ashinaga Scholarship Society, and others
04:28 Meeting of Advisory Council on Hometown Creation
04:42 Norihisa Tamura, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
05:23 Mikio Sasaki, Chairman of the Japan-South Korea Business Corporation Committee
06:14 Leaves office
06:25 Arrives at Nippon Television’s Kojimachi Studio in Nibancho, Tokyo
07:12 News program recording
07:52 Leaves studio
08:09 Arrives at JR Tokyo Station
08:16 Leaves station on Yamabiko 71 train
09:50 Arrives at JR Fukushima Station
09:51 Shops at station’s 'Newdays' convenience store
09:54 Leaves station
09:56 Arrives at Richmond Hotel Fukushima Ekimae

July 4, 2013 (Thurs)


08:51 Records NHK news program at Richmond Hotel Fukushima Ekimae in Fukushima
09:04 Interview with media outlets
09:20 Leaves hotel
09:24 Arrives in front of JR Fukushima Station. Gives street speech
09:55 Leaves station
11:36 Arrives at Japanese restaurant in Iwaki, Fukushima. Has lunch

12:08 Leaves restaurant
12:14 Arrives in front of JR Iwaki Station. Gives street speech
12:43 Leaves station
03:29 Arrives at JR Ikebukuro Station east exit. Gives street speech
03:53 Leaves station
04:23 Arrives in front of large commerce facility Yurakucho Itocia. Gives street speech
04:47 Leaves Itocia
04:59 Arrives at LDP Headquarters
05:09 Hiroyuki Hosoda, Executive Acting Secretary-General, LDP
05:20 Masahiko Komura, Vice President, LDP
05:36 Interview with Sports 3 Paper
05:53 Interview with Sankei Shimbun
05:56 Leaves LDP Headquarters
05:59 Arrives at NHK Chiyoda Broadcast Assembly Hall in Kioicho, Tokyo
07:20 Appears on NHK news program
07:40 Leaves NHK
07:56 Arrives at private residence in Tomigaya

July 5, 2013 (Fri)


08:03 Leaves private residence in Tomigaya
08:37 Arrives at Haneda Airport
09:16 Leaves Haneda Airport on ANA flight 281
10:12 Arrives at Tokushima Airport
10:18 Leaves airport
10:39 Arrives in front of JR Tokushima Station. Gives street speech
11:08 Leaves station
11:28 Arrives at Yume Town Shopping Center in Aizumi, Tokushima. At event plaza inside, attends the speech meeting of LDP House of Councillors candidates, gives speech
11:56 Leaves shopping center

12:49 Arrives at Bukkake Udon Daien in Takamatsu. Dines with Takuya Hirai, LDP Lower House Member
01:12 Leaves restaurant
01:20 Arrives in front of Kotoden Kawaramachi Station in Takamatsu. Gives street speech
01:44 Leaves station
02:21 Arrives in front of JR Sakaide Station in Sakaide, Kagawa. Gives street speech
02:47 Leaves station
03:42 Arrives in front of JR Okayama Station. Gives street speech
04:03 Leaves station
04:27 Arrives at Okayama Airport
04:29 In the airport’s VIP lounge, Ryuta Ibaragi, Okayama Prefectural Governor; Katsunobu Kato, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
05:15 Leaves Okayama Airport on ANA flight 658
06:24 Arrives at Haneda Airport
06:45 Dines with secretary in a room inside Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
07:24 Leaves Haneda Airport
07:39 Arrives at Fuji TV in Daiba, Tokyo
08:08 Appears on news program
09:22 Leaves Fuji TV
09:47 Arrives at private residence

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