Sunday, June 12, 2016

Monday in Washington, June 13, 2016

COMMANDANT’S MID-TERM REPORT ON THE COAST GUARD. 6/13, 10:00-11:00am. Sponsors: International Security Program, CSIS; U.S. Naval Institute (USNI). Speaker: Paul F. Zukunft, Admiral, 25th Commandant of U.S. Coast Guard; Moderator: Kathleen Hicks, Senior Vice President, Henry A. Kissinger Chair, Director, International Security Program, CSIS.

THAILAND AT THE AMERICA'S SMALL BUSINESS SUMMIT 2016. 6/13, 10:00-11:30am. Sponsors: International Affairs Division-Southeast Asia, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Royal Thai Embassy. Speakers include: H.E. Pisan Manawapat, Ambassador of Thailand to the United States; Dr. Wimonkan Kosumas, Deputy Director General, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion; TBD; Moderator: Tami Overby, Senior Vice President, Asia, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

CHINA’S POLICY TOWARD THE KOREAN PENINSULA. 6/13, Noon-4:00pm, Lunch. Sponsor: East Asia Program, Stimson. Speakers:. Yu Tiejun, Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Peking University; Ren Yuanzhe, Associate Professor, Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management, China University of Foreign Affairs; Wang Junsheng, Associate Professor and Executive Director, Department of China’s Regional Strategy, National Institute of International Strategy, China Academy of Social Sciences; Woo Jung-Yeop, Research Fellow, Asan Institute for Policy Studies; Tom Byrne, President, Korea Society; Andrew Yeo, Associate Professor of Politics, Catholic University of America; Alan Romberg, Distinguished Fellow and Director of the East Asia Program, Stimson; Moderators: Yun Sun, Senior Associate, East Asia Program, Stimson; Katharine H.S. Moon, SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korean Studies and Senior Fellow, Center for East Asia Policy Studies, Brookings.

DEFENSE BUDGETING AND NATIONAL SECURITY. 6/13, 2:30-3:00pm. Sponsor: IISS-Americas. Speaker: Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the U.S. Air Force; Moderator: Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS-Americas.

AFGHANISTAN: FIGHTING THE TALIBAN. 6/13, 2:30-4:00pm. Sponsor: Hudson. Speakers: Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib, Ambassador of Afghanistan; Ambassador Husain Haqqani, Senior Fellow, Director, South and Central Asia, Hudson, Former Ambassador of Pakistan; Mohammad Taqi, Columnist, South Asia Blog, Hudson.

INNOVATION FOR DEVELOPMENT: WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING TO SCALE? 6/13, 4:00-5:00pm. Sponsor: Center for Global Development (CGD). Speakers: Ann Mei Chang, Chief Innovation Officer, Executive Director of the U.S. Global Development Lab, US Agency for International Development; Michael Faye, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, GiveDirectly; Sonal Shah, Founding Executive Director, Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation, Georgetown University; Charles Kenny, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development.

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