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Prime Minister of Japan’s Schedule July 6-12, 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015 


08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo (no morning visitors)
08:32 Depart private residence
08:48 Arrive at office. Interview to all media: when asked “thoughts on the registering of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution as [UNESCO] World Heritage site,” Mr. Abe answers, “I am immensely delighted that the origin of ‘Monozukuri Japan’ being registered as a World Heritage site. I would like to express my respect including to the locals and each and every business who have strived to protect these sites.”
09:41 Meet with Ministry of Finance Generals Vice-Minister, Kagawa Shunsuke, Senior Deputy Director-General of International Bureau, Yamasaki Tatsuo, Deputy Vice-Minister, Fukuda Junichi and Director-General of International Bureau, Asakawa Masatsugu
10:11 End meeting with Mr. Kagawa, Mr. Yamasaki, Mr. Fukuda and Mr. Asakawa
11:03 Meet with Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Shiozaki Yasuhisa. The University of Tokyo lecturer, Shibuya Kenji also attends.
11:43 End meeting with Mr. Shiozaki and Mr. Shibuya

00:01 Ruling Party Liaison Conference
00:32 Conference ends
00:33 Speak with Minister of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Kishida Fumio
00:42 End speaking with Mr. Kishida
01:24 Meet with Ministry of Defense (DOF)’s Director-General of Bureau of Operational Policy, Miyama Nobuaki and Chief of Staff for Maritime Self-Defense, Kawano Katsutoshi
01:57 End meeting with Mr. Miyama and Mr. Kawano
03:04 Meet with Secretary-General for LDP in Upper House, Date Chuichi
03:37 End meeting with Mr. Date
04:30 Speak with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management, Nishimura Yasuhiko
04:45 End speaking with Mr. Nishimura
05:01 Depart office
05:02 Arrive at National Diet
05:04 Head towards LDP’s President Office
05:05 LDP Officers Meeting
05:31 Meeting ends
05:51 Leave the room
05:52 Depart National Diet
05:54 Arrive at office
06:04 Depart office
06:14 Arrive at Palace Hotel Tokyo. Attend and deliver address at LDP Lower House member, Furuya Keiji 25th year in office celebratory party at banquet hall, Aoi.
06:31 Depart hotel
06:46 Arrive at ‘Eirin’, Chinese restaurant in Akasaka. Dinner meeting with Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ota Akihiro and New Komeito Lower House member, Toyama Kiyohiko
08:35 Depart restaurant
08:43 Arrive at LDP’s headquarters
08:44 Head towards the President’s Reception Room
08:45 Speak with LDP Upper House member, Onuma Mizuho
08:55 End speaking with Ms. Onuma
08:56 Depart room
09:00 Appear on LDP internet program Café Sta
09:19 Program ends
09:21 Depart headquarters
09:34 Arrive at private residence

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

07:35 Depart private residence at Tomigaya, Tokyo
07:46 Arrive at office
07:57 Attend Nine Minister’s Group of National Security Council meeting
08:04 Meeting ends
08:11 Central Disaster Prevention Council 
08:30 Meeting ends
08:35 Cabinet meeting
08:44 Cabinet meeting ends
09:15 Meet with Secretary-General of Headquarters for Abduction Issue, Ishikawa Shoichiro
09:30 End meeting with Mr. Ishikawa
09:59 Meet with the incoming and outgoing Commissioner of Financial Services Agency Mori Nobuchika and Hosomizu Kiyoshi
10:22 End meeting with Mr. Mori and Mr. Hosomizu
10:23 Meet with Ministry of Finance members, Vice-Minister of Finance, Tanaka Kazuho, Director-General of International Bureau, Asakawa Masatsugu, Chief Cabinet Secretary, Okamoto Shigeaki and, Director-General of Budget Bureau, Fukuda Koichi
10:27 End meeting with Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Asakawa, Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Fukuda
11:07 Depart office
11:22 Arrive at the Tokyo International Forum in Marunouchi, Tokyo. Attend and delivery address at the Opening Ceremony of the 9th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail
11:49 Depart forum
11:57 Arrive at office

01:15 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kishida Fumio enters
01:24 Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Saiki Akitaka joins
02:37 End meeting with Mr. Kishida and Mr. Saiki
02:47 National Security Council meeting starts. Minister responsible for Ocean Policy, Yamatani Eriko attends
03:16 End meeting with Ms. Yamatani
03:29 Meeting ends
03:36 Director of Cabinet Intelligence, Kitamura Shigeru, Ministry of Defense members, Director-General of Bureau of Defense Policy, Mr. Kuroe Tetsuro and Director of Defense Intelligence Headquarters, Miyagawa Tadashi enter.
03:46 End meeting with Mr. Kuroe and Mr. Miyagawa
04:06 End meeting with Mr. Kitamura
05:20 Talk with Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh State of India, Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu
05:25 End talk with Mr. Nara
05:48 Depart office
05:53 Arrive at Toranomon Hospital, visit former Private Secretary in hospital
06:15 Depart hospital
06:22 Arrive at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo in Shiba Park, Tokyo. Informal talk with LDP members: Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Shimomura Hakubun, Minister of Environment, Mochizuki Yoshio and Chairman of LDP Diet Affairs Committee, Satou Tsutomu in ‘party room’ venue. Chief Cabinet Secretary, Suga Yoshihide also attends
07:15 Depart hotel
07:22 Arrive at hotel Andaz Tokyo. Dinner with LDP Secretary-General, Tanigaki Sadakazu, and New Komeito representative, Yamaguchi Natsuo and Secretary-General of New Komeito, Inoue Yoshihisa at restaurant Andaz Tavern
09:09 Depart hotel
09:15 Arrive at LDP headquarters, appear on LDP internet program Café Sta
09:56 Depart LDP headquarters
10:13 Arrive at private residence

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo (no morning visitors)
08:31 Depart private residence
08:43 Arrive at office
08.53 Meet with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Seko Hiroshige
09:20 End meeting with Mr. Seko
09:56 Depart office
09:58 Arrive at National Diet
09:59 Head towards Upper House President’s Reception Room
10:06 Depart reception room and head towards Upper House Chamber. Attend Plenary Session of the House of Councillors
11:47 Leave seat during proceedings at Upper House Plenary Session
11:49 Depart National Diet
11:51 Arrive at office

00:27 Meeting with mayors of municipalities. Take commemorative photo including Mayor of Niigata city, Mori Tamio and Mayor of Kawakami village in Nagano prefecture, Fujibara Tadahiko
00:29 Meeting ends
00:30 Informal talk with Mr. Mori and Mr. Fujibara. Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ms. Takaichi Sanae also attends
01:09 Informal talk ends
02:19 Meet with Senior Vice Minister of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kitagawa Issei
02:39 End meeting with Mr. Kitagawa
03:00 Meet with Director of LDP's Division of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, Tomioka Tsutomu
03:17 End meeting with Mr. Tomioka
03:39 Meet with LDP Secretary-General, Tanigaki Sadakazu
04:16 End meeting with Mr. Tanigaki
05:08 Education Rebuilding Implementation Council
05:32 Meeting ends
06:29 Depart office
06:31 Arrive at official residence. Dinner meeting with members from Ruling Coalition on the Development of Security Legislation, LDP Vice-President, Komura Masahiko and Deputy Chief Representative of New Komeito, Kitagawa Kazuo. Chief Cabinet Secretary, Suga Yoshihide and Minister of Defense, Nakatani Gen also attend.
07:54 Depart official residence
07:58 Arrive at LDP Headquarters, appear on LDP internet program Café Sta
08:50 Depart headquarters
09:08 Arrive at private residence

Thursday, July 9, 2015

08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo (no morning visitors)
08:41 Depart private residence
08:56 Arrive at Hotel Okura in Toranomon, Tokyo. Attend and give lecture at Japan Summit 2015 in banquet hall Heian Room
09:52 Depart hotel
09:57 Arrive at office
10:26 Speak with Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, Isozaki Yosuke
10:36 End speaking with Mr. Isozaki
10:37 Meet with Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Saiki Akitaka and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Director-General of Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ihara Junichi
11:12 End meeting with Mr. Saiki and Mr. Ihara
11:33 Inaugural address to Ambassadors to Tunisia, Hasegawa Susumu
11:37 End meeting with Mr. Hasegawa and others

00:54 Depart office
00:56 Arrive at National Diet
00:57 Head towards Lower House Chamber
00:58 Speak with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Aso Taro and Special Advisor to President of LDP, Haiguda Koichi
01:00 End speaking with Mr. Aso and Mr. Haiguda
01:02 Lower House Plenary Session opens
01:05 Session adjourns, leave the Lower House Chamber
01:08 Depart National Diet
01:10 Arrive at office
01:50 Meet with JR Tokai Honorary President, Kasai Yoshiyuki and board member, Torkel Patterson
02:11 End meeting with Mr. Kasai and Mr. Patterson
02:12 Speak with LDP Lower House member, Kawai Katsuyuki
02:22 End speaking with Mr. Kawai
02:33 Courtesy Call from the President of the Senate of Mexico and His Delegation
02:56 Courtesy Call ends
04:02 Courtesy Call from the All-Japan Ryokan Proprietress Group
04:11 Courtesy Call ends
04:19 Meet with Vice-Minister of Finance, Tanaka Kazuho, financial official, Asakawa Masatsugu and Ministry of Finance’s Director-General of International Bureau, Momma Daikichi
05:06 End speaking with Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Asakawa and Mr. Momma
06:06 Depart office
06:15 Arrive at the headquarters of Yomiuri Newspaper. Attend and deliver address at CSIS Symposium: “Reflections on Global History of the 20th Century- Towards a New Vision for the 21st Century” 
06:31 Depart headquarters
06:43 Arrive at Hotel Andaz Tokyo in Toranomon, Tokyo. Dinner meeting with future generation party leader, Hiranuma Takeo and Secretary Generals including Matsuzawa Shigefumi at restaurant Andaz Tavern. Chief Cabinet Secretary, Suga Yoshihide also attends
08:38 Depart hotel
09:01 Arrive at private residence

Friday, July 10, 2015

06:48 Depart private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo
07:01 Arrive at office
07:02 Meet with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Kato Katsunobu
08:07 End meeting with Mr. Kato
08:08 Meeting of the Headquarters for Water Cycle Policy
08:17 Meeting ends
08:21 Cabinet meeting
08:28 Meeting ends
08:29 Speak with Minister in charge of Abduction Issue, Yamatani Eriko
08:30 End speaking with Ms. Yamatani
08:31 Meet with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Kato Katsunobu
08:52 End meeting with Mr. Kato
08:53 Depart from office
08:54 Arrive at National Diet
08:56 Head towards Lower House Committee Room No.1
09:00 Meeting of the Special Committee of the House of Representatives on the Legislation for Peace and Security of Japan and the International Community

00:05 Lower House of Representatives Recess
00:06 Depart room
00:08 Depart National Diet
00:09 Arrive at office
00:54 Depart office
00:55 Arrive at National Diet
00:57 Head towards Lower House Committee Room No.1
01:00 Meeting of the Special Committee of the House of Representatives resumes
05:02 Meetings ends
05:04 Depart room
05:06 Depart National Diet
05:07 Arrive at office
05:09 Meet with Director of National Security Council, Yachi Shotaro
05:32 End meeting with Mr. Yachi
05:33 Meet with Director of Cabinet Intelligence, Kitamura Shigeru
05:57 End meeting with Mr. Kitamura
06:16 Courtesy Call from a Delegation from the Japan-Korea and Korea-Japan Parliamentarian’s Unions
06:30 Courtesy Call ends
06:40 Depart office
06:42 Arrive at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, dinner meeting with private secretary at ‘Origami’ restaurant in the hotel
07:42 Depart hotel
07:46 Arrive at LDP Headquarters, appear on LDP internet program Café Sta
08:22 Depart headquarters
08:39 Arrive private residence

Saturday, July 11, 2015

07:07 Depart private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo
07:26 Arrive at JR Tokyo Station
07:36 Board Hayabusa No. 3, accompany by Minister of Reconstruction, Mr. Takeshita Wataru
09:10 Arrive at JR Sendai Station
09:16 Depart station
09:46 Visit to Miyagi Prefecture. Arrive at Yuriage Memorial at Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture. Reception with Natori City Mayor, Sasaki Isoo, offer flowers and silent pray
09:52 Depart from memorial
10:00 Arrive at Shimomasuda District Emergency Housing. Inspect and discuss with residents
10:11 Depart the area
10:16 Arrive and inspect food complex, ‘Roku Farm Atalata’
10:53 Depart complex

00:31 Arrive at temporary shopping village, ‘Minamisanriku Sun Sun Shopping Village’ in Minamisanriku Town. Reception with Prefectural Governor, Murai Yoshihiro and Minamisanriku Town Mayor, Sato Jin
00:37 Eat lunch at seafood restaurant, ‘Hashimoto’ in shopping village
00:57 Inspect shopping village
01:08 Inspection ends
01:09 Depart shopping village
01:11 Arrive and inspect ‘JA Minamisanriku head store and Shizugawa branch store’
01:16 Depart store
01:26 Arrive and inspect Shizugawa Public Hospital Minamisanriku clinic in Shizugawa Higashi area
01:31 Depart clinic
01:33 Arrive at Minamisanriku provisional government building, exchange of opinions with doctors, NPOs and residents.
02:21 Interview open to all media: ‘Concerning the piece of legislation related to security, won’t the voting unavoidably be by the ruling party alone?’ Mr. Abe answers, ‘I think they will make a decision when the time comes to make a decision.’
02:25 Interview ends
02:26 Depart from government building
04:18 Arrive at JR Sendai station
04:35 Board Hayabusa No.24
06:05 Arrive at JR Tokyo station
06:10 Depart station
06:36 Arrive at private residence

Sunday, July 12, 2015

10:00 At private residence in Tomigaya (no morning visitors)
Stay at private residence throughout the morning

02:11 Depart private residence
02:27 Arrive at ‘Grand Hyatt’ Hotel in Roppongi Tokyo. Exercise at ‘Nagomi Spa and Fitness’
05:05 Depart hotel
05:27 Arrive at private residence

Provisional translation by Kelly Ing

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