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Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule October 1-11, 2013

October 1, 2013 (Tue)

08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya (No visitors)
09:00 Depart from residence
09:15 Arrive at LDP Headquarters
09:24 Recommended Testimony Approval for Mayoral Candidate of Kawasaki
09:28 Certificate of Appreciation presented to Masuda Toshiya , President of Seed Company “Atriya;” Nikai Toshiro of Land Surveying is also in attendance
09:23 Executive Committee meeting
09:57 Meeting with Kato Katsunobu , member of the House of Representatives;  Seko Hiroshige,
Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; Ishiba Shigeru, Secretary General of the LDP; and Kawamura Takeo, Chairman of Sentai.
10:10 Departure from LDP Headquarters
10:12 Arrive at office

01:23 Meeting with veteran journalist Kimura Taro 
02:17 Meeting with President of Japan Foundation Ando Hiroyasu 
02:41 Depart from office
02:53 Arrive at Nihon Keizai Shinbun’s Tokyo Headquarter’s in Otemachi for the Japan Foundation Symposium on "Asia in Harmony: New Horizons for Cultural Exchange."
03:13 Depart
03:22 Arrive at office
05:01 Cabinet meeting
05:17 Deputy Prime Minister Aso Taro, Finance Minster Amari Akira, Minister of Public Management, Home Affair and Telecommunications ShindoYoshitaka  and Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Science Hakubun Shimomura also in attendance
06:54 Interview with TV Tokyo
08:02 Interview with TBS
08:35 Arrive at official residence
08:48 Arrive at NHK
09:00 Appear on news program
09:20 Depart from NHK
09:44 Arrive at Nippon TV
10:00 Appear on BS NTV news program
10:37 Depart from Nippon TV
10:58 Arrive at private residence

October 2, 2013 (Wed)

08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya (no visitors)
09:16 Depart from private residence
09:36 Arrive at office
09:37 Meeting with Yamamoto Kaguta, Minister of Northern Okinawa
09:47 Meeting with Defense Minister Onodera Itsunori 
10:39 Video recording for the Minamata Convention for Mercury
11:48 Depart from office
11:59 Arrive at JR Tokyo Station

12:00 Depart from station
01:03 Meeting with Furuya Keiji , Abduction Issue Minister
01:51 Arrive at JR Nagoya Station
01:52 Depart from JR Nagoya station
01:53 Arrive at Kintetsu Nagoya Station
02:10 Depart from Kintetsu Nagoya Station via Limited Express train
03:33 Arrive at Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station to be greeted by Governor Suzuki Hidetaki
03:37 Depart from train station
03:51 Arrive at Ise Shrine for a meal
05:20 Depart from Ise Shrine
05:42 Arrive at Miyamae for meeting with Hakubun Shimomura of Education, Culture, Sports and Science
09:24 Depart from Miyamae
09:45 Arrive at Jingu Tsukasa Agency
10:00 Departure
11:33 Arrive at Nagoya Marriot Associate Hotel Nagoya (No visitors)

October 3, 2013 (Thu)

07:17 Depart from the Marriot
07:18 Drive to JR Nagoya
07:24 Arrive at JR Nagoya
08:07 Meet with Eto Seichii, Assistant to the Prime Minister
09:03 Arrive in Tokyo
09:08 Depart from JR Tokyo
09:30 Arrive at Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine Hall in Yoyogi Kamizono district
10:00 Meeting with Ibuki Bunmei and Yamazaki Masaaki speakers from both houses
10:57 Depart from the event
11:12 Arrive at office
11:25 Meeting with NagamineYasumasa, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs; Ishiguro Norihiko, Deputy Director for Economy, Trade and Industry; Miyauchi Yasutaka, Director of Customs; and Haribara Toshiro, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Deputy Director
11:37 Meeting with Ishiba Shigeru, LDP Secretary General for the Prime Minister
12:38 Meeting with Kimura Taro, Assistant to the Prime Minister
02:04 Meeting with Sugiyama Susumu , General Affairs Deputy Director; Yamazaki Tatsuo from Ministery of Finance; and Shigeharu Kato, Officer for the Ministry of Overseas Education
02:45 Meeting with Akitaka Saiki, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ihara Junichi, Director of the Asia Pacific Bureau
04:36 Meeting with Us Secretary of State John Kerry, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Kishida Fumio, Minister of Foreign affairs and Onodera Itsunori, Minister of Defense are also in attendance
05:48 Meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
07:05 Depart from office
07:06 Arrive at official residence for a dinner party
08:42 Dinner ends
08:43 See off Spanish Prime Minister
00:00 No visitors

October 4, 2013 (Fri)

08:00 At official residence in Tomigaya
08:53 Depart from residence
09:32 Cabinet Meeting
09:47 Meeting with Inada Tomomi, Administrative Reform Minister
10:07 Meeting with Tamura Norihisa, Minister Director of Health Labor and Welfare
10:12 Meeting with Cabinet Secretariat Shotaro Yachi
10:30 Meeting with Murakami Seiichiro, Vice Chairman for the LDP Investigation on the Subcommittee on the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Investigation
10:51 Meeting with Amari Akira; Akitaka Saiki, Permanent Secretary; Sugiyama Susumu, Foreign Affairs Deputy Director; and Ihara Junichi, Asia Pacific Director
11:38 Shimomura Hakubun of Education, Sports and Science enters
11:52 Depart from office
11:53 Arrive at Tokyo Cabinet office
11:54 Signboard hanging for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games
11:57 Depart
11:59 Arrive at office

12:11 Government and ruling party liaison meeting
12:35 Meeting with New Komeito party leader Yamaguchi Natsuo; Cabinet Chief SugaYoshihide is also in attendance
01:10 Murai Yoshihiro, Governor of Miyagi, LDP House of Representatives member Ito Shintaro, Katsunobu Kato, Cabinet Deputy Secretary all enter
01:30 Sasae Kenichiro, Japanese Ambassador to the US also in attendance
01:41 Meeting with Sugiyama Shinsuke , Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Toyohisa Kozuki , General Director of European Affairs also in attendance.
02:01 Meeting with Sugiyama Yasumasa and Nagamine Anesei, Deputy Ministers of foreign affairs; Kozuki, General Director of the European Affairs; Bando Kumiko, Education, Director-General of Higher Education Bureau; and Director of the Ministry of Finance Ishiguro Norihiko all in attendance
02:11 Kozuki and Bando leave
02:14 Ihara Junichi, Asia Pacific Director enters
02:34 Yamazaki leaves
02:48 Ihara leaves
02:54 Everyone leaves
03:24 Toyoda Shoichiro, Honorary Chairman of NPO “ITS Japan” leaves
04:29 Interview with British newspaper, Financial Times with David Pilling and Jonathan Soble
05:31 Meeting with Suga Yoshihide, Kato Koichi, Seko Hiroshige and Sugita Kazuhiro, Vice Chief Cabinet Secretary
05:36 Kitamura Shigeru, Cabinet Information Officer enters
07:00 Depart from office
07:04 Arrive at ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Akasaka for dinner with Takenaka Heizo, Economics Professor from Keio University
09:00 Depart from the hotel
09:14 Arrive at private residence
00:00 No visitors

October 5, 2013 (Sat)

08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya (no visitors)

02:21 Depart from private residence
02:39 Arrive at Wako Hall in Tokyo’s Ginza District for calligraphy presentation "Yahagi Harue"
03:07 Depart from show
03:30 Arrive at JR Tokyo Station
03:40 Meeting with 3:40 pm, Yamamoto Kazuta Science and Technology Minister
05:51 Arrive at JR Kyoto Station
05:54 Depart from JR Kyoto
06:07 Arrive at Japanese restaurant, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, "Okazaki Tsuruya" for dinner with Kashiwabara Yasuo, Bank of Kyoto Chairman; Wacoal Holdings President Yoshikata Tsukamoto
08:36 Depart from restaurant
08:51 Arrive at the Grand Prince Hotel in Kyoto Ward
00:00 No visitors

October 6, 2013 (Sun)

07:53 At Grand Prince Hotel in Kyoto
07:55 Arrive at Kyoto International Conference Center for the STS Conference and be greeted by Yamada Keiji, Governor of Kyoto Prefecture and Kadokawa Daisuku, Mayor of Kyoto
07:57 Start breakfast meeting and the "International Forum on the future of humanity and science and technology.” Omi Koji, Former Finance Minister is also present
09:13 Breakfast ends
09:37 Meet with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich
10:19 Attend opening ceremony of the forum
10:21 Depart
11:55 Arrive at Kansai Airport

October 7, 2013 (Mon)

Arrive at Sofitel Hotel in Nusa Dua, Indonesia for the (APEC) Business Advisory Council of the (ABAC) Asia Pacific Ocean Economic Cooperation. Meet with Truong Tan Sang, President of Vietnam in the Sofitel hotel.

Park: I'm leaving now.
Attend an afternoon, summit luncheon followed by an APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. Meet with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia. Meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Hotel Murio. Attend a photo shoot at the BNDCC followed by Dinner meetings with world leaders 

October 8, 2013 (Mon)

Meet with Vincent Siew, Vice President of the Taiwan APEC Delegation. Attend dialogue with the Pacific island country leaders and APEC Leaders followed by an APEC Leaders photo shoot. Attend second APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.

APEC summit luncheon and a Joint press conference. Then Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations Summit at the "Grand Hyatt Bali.” Then interview with media outlets in the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel. Afterwards, meet with Mexican President Penyanieto. In the evening, arrive at Denpasar airport in Bali, Indonesia to board the government aircraft to depart. Arrive at Brunei International Airport in Begawan city. Arrive at the Rizukun Hotel.

October 9, 2013 (Tue)

Arrive at the International Conference Centre to meet with the King of Brunei. Afterwards, attend a round-table meeting

In the afternoon, attend the ASEAN Summit meeting at the International Conference hall. Afterwards Meet with Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott and Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key. Following those meetings, attend a round-table with Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatraand then meet up with President of the Philippines Benigno Aquino. In the evening, attend a dinner meeting with world leaders.

October 10, 2013 (Wed)

At the International conference center in Bandar Seri Begawan attend ASEAN plus Three (Japan, China and South Korea) summit. In the morning, attend a round-table with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India. Following that, attend the East Asia Summit

In the afternoon, attend a luncheon with world leaders. Following lunch, attend a press conferences inside and outside the Rizukun Hotel. Afterwards, visit the water village of Bandar Seri Begawan’s suburbs. Then, go to Brunei International Airport to return to Japan by government aircraft.

October 11, 2013 (Fri)

09:53 At official residence
10:49 Cabinet meeting
11:23 Meeting with permanent Akitaka Saiki, Vice Foreign Minister of Affairs and  Katagami Kei, Director of Economy

12:01 Meeting with Ishiba Shigeru, Secretary General of the LDP
12:17 Meeting with Yamaguchi Natsuo, leader of the New Komeito Party; Ishiba Shigeru, Secretary General; and InoueYoshihisa, Representative from the New Komeito party
01:10 Depart from meeting with Yamaguchi Natsuo, Ishiba Shigeru and Inoue Yoshihisa 
01:22 Meeting with Onodera Itsunori, Defense Mininister; Shigeru Iwasaki, Chief of Staff; and Hiramatsu Kenji, Comprehensive Foreign Policy Director.
02:26 Hiramatsu leaves
02:37 Everyone else leaves
02:37 Meeting with Kitamura Shigeru, Cabinet Information Officer
03:31 Meeting with newspaper's Editorial Board members
04:04 Roundtable talks with commentators from commercial broadcasting companies
04:27 Roundtable talks with top reporters [CAP] of Cabinet Office press corps and member media outlets
04:47 Meeting with Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney
06:00 Playback of Education Conference
06:36 Discussions with national and local governments
07:17 Arrive at Capitol Hotel Tokyu in Nagata-Cho and meet with HiranumaTakeo, Head of the Japan Restoration Party and the Fuji TV Affairs Chairman
07:39 Go to Fuji TV in Tokyo
08:07 Appear on news program
09:51 Return to residence

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