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Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule September 17-22, 2013

September 17, 2013 (Tue)

08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo
09:24 Meet with Tokuchi Hideshi of the Ministry of Defense Policy Bureau and Kanehara Nobukatsu, Cabinet Deputy Secretary at residence.
09:29 LDP group meeting
09:32 LDP Executive Committee
09:40 Masahiko Komura, Vice President
09:43 Shigeru Ishiba, Secretary General of the LDP
09:44 Seiko Noda, President of Internal Affairs and Communication
09:46 Sanae Takaichi, Chairman of the Policy Research Council
09:48 Takeo Kawamura, Constituency Chairman
09:51 Shigeru Ishiba again
09:52 Ichiro Kamoshita, Diet Affairs Committee Chairman
09:54 Hiroyuki Hosoda, Acting Secretary
09:56 Wataru Takashita LDP member of the House of Representatives
09:58 Departure from LDP Headquarters
10:04 Cabinet meeting
10:27 Receive Zomahoun Idossou Rufin, Ambassador from Benin and Sugiyama Shinsuke, Head of the Asian and Oceanic affairs Bureau
10:57 Departure from official residence
11:00 arrive at LDP headquarters
11:02 Meeting with the LDP General Council
11:12 Photo-shoot with new LDP directors
11:15 Meeting with Acting Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda

12:00 Record message for local support group
12:07 Departure from LDP headquarters
12:09 Arrive at official residence
01:30 Meeting with Shimomura Hakubun, Minister of Education, and Shinichi Yamanaka, Permanent Secretary of Education, Culture, Sports, Science
02:02 Departure from official residence
02:14 Asahi TV interview
02:54 Meeting with Saiki Akitaka, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Sugiyama Shinsuke and Junichi Ihara, Asia Pacific director
03:17 Ihara departs
03:18 Kenji Hiramatsu joins
04:00 Everyone leaves
04:16 Video recording message for the General Assembly of Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
04:37 Meeting with Shigeru Kitamura, Cabinet Information Officer and Koji Shimohira, Cabinet Satellite Information Center director
04:49 Shimohira leaves
05:05 Kitamura leaves
06:42 Meeting ends
07:00 Return to official residence 
07:01 Meeting with Toshio Kagami, CEO and Uenishi Kyouchiro, president of Oriental Land Group
00:00 No visitors

September 18, 2013 (Wed)

08:00 At residence in Tomigaya
05:50 Departure from residence
09:11 Meeting with Kato Katsunobu, Cabinet Deputy Secretary and Shinsuke Sugiyama, Assistant Foreign Affairs Deputy Director, Toshiro Haribara, Deputy Direct General of Agriculture of Forestry and Fisheries, Ryuji Masano, Vice Minister for Transport and International Affairs and Tatsu Yamazaki, International Director
09:28 Sugiyama leaves
09:56 Everyone else leaves
11:31 Yayoi and Ryutaro leave
11:32 Meal with Oda Etsuro Yamaguchi Prefecture Medical Chairman

12:45 Telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott
01:35 Meeting with Hiramatsu, General Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Policy Director and Shigeru Iwasaki, Ministry of Defense Head of Joint Staff
02:05 Greet Kazuo Kodama Economic Ambassador from Co-operation and Development (OECD) Mission
02:16 Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso
03:08 Education Rebuilding Conference
03:48 Meeting with Shigeru Kitamura, Cabinet Information Officer
04:34 Departure from official residence
04:45 Arrival at Imperial Palace for secret report to Emperor
05:25 Departure from Imperial Palace
05:31 Arrival at official residence
05:33 Meeting with Aisawa Ichiro, LDP House of Representatives and Keizo Takemi, House of Councillors member.
06:14 Visit with exhibit winners
06:32 Greeting at award ceremony
06:33 Departure from award ceremony
06:37 Arrive at the Capitol Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo, Nagatacho to attended the "meeting of female LDP lawmakers"
07:30 Departure from the hotel
07:32 Arrive at official residence
07:33 Dinner with Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture Yamamoto Shigetaro.
08:54 All guests leave

September 19th, 2013 (Thu)

07:15 At residence
07:24 Arrive at JR Tokyo Station
08:36 Depart from Yamabiko station No. 125
08:58 Arrive at Koriyama station
09:02 Leave Koriyama station
10:27 Measurement of internal exposure dose, change of clothes, overview, lunch. Accompanied by
Akabane Kazuyoshi, Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and Kazuhiko Shimokobe TEPCO chairman.
11:16 Departure
11:50 Arrival at TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Okuma prefecture, Futaba Ryocho. Talk with worker in the main anti-earthquake building

12:02 Visit contaminated water storage facilities
12:09 Talk with media outlets
12:41 Departure
03:06 Arrival at J-Village
03:33 Departure from J-Village
04:11 Arrival at JR Iwaki station
04:17 Departure from Super Hitachi No. 54
06:34 Arrival at JR Ueno station
06:52 Arrival at restaurant Hirayama in Ginza. Dinner with Hiroshi Mikitani, President of Rakuten; Susumu Fujita, Cyber Agent President and Masato Matsuura, Avex Group Holdings President
09:01 Departure from restaurant
09:17 Arrival at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo, Kioicho. Round Table with Taichi Sakaiya, Cabinet participation, Aoki Hironori AOKI Holdings chairman, and Hiroshi Yamada House of Representatives member of the society of Japan Meiji Restoration in the rooms.
10:28 Arrive at official residence

September 20th, 2013 (Fri)

08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo
08:23 Departure from private residence
08:36 Arrival at office
08:39 Meeting with Takashi Matsumoto, Permanent Secretary, professor from MIT Hiroshi Ishii and Akira Amari, Economic Recovery Minister
09:08 Meeting with Akira Amari, Takashi Matsumoto, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saiki Akitaka, Foreign Affairs Deputy Director Susumu Sugiyama and Comprehensive Foreign Policy Director Ken Hiramatsu.
09:45 Hiramatsu departs
10:01 Sugiyama and Saiki leave
10:03 Cabinet meeting Ends
10:28 Departure from official office
10:32 Arrive at Akasaka Imperial Gardens in Tokyo for a brief meeting with Princess Takamado
11:05 Departure from Akasaka Imperial Gardens
11:09 Arrive at office
11:46 Meeting with Kei Ikeda, Chairman of the Japan Federation of Certified Tax Accountant's Associations and Nishida Shoji, LDP upper house Member.

12:09 Meeting with Ken Aritomi, president of NPO and Shore Nobuo, member of the LDP lower house
12:54 Meeting with Nobutaka Machimura, LDP intelligence Secret Conservation Study Project Team Chairman
01:05 Meeting with Mori Masako Declining Birthrate Minister
01:11 Meeting with Onishi Kurao Yamaguchi Prefecture Nagato Mayor.
01:18 Industrial Competitiveness Conference
02:39 Meeting with Chief Cabinet Secretary  Taro Aso, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera Defense Minister and Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.
03:31 Meeting with Saiki Akitaka, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs            
04:18 Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Finance Minister Akira Amari responsible for the Economic Recovery Phase
05:10 Meeting with Shigeru Kitamura, Cabinet Information Officer
05:39 Meeting with Junichi Ihara, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Asia Pacific Director
06:08 Departure from office
07:19 Arrival at private residence
07:19 Dinner with Nakahara Nobuyuki, Bank of Japan Policy Board member, and Yuzaburo Mogi, Kikkoman honorary chairman
08:58 Guests leaves
09:16 At private residence (no visitors)

September 21st, 2013 (Sat)

08:00 At private residence (no visitors during the morning or afternoon)

06:03 Departure from private residence
06:32 Arrival at French restaurant Chez Ino for dinner with First Lady Akie Abe, mother-in-law and friends
09:27 Departure from restaurant
09:53 Arrival at private residence (no visitors)

September 22nd, 2013 (Sun)

08:57 At private residence in Tomigaya
09:13 Arrival at the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi for exercise and relaxation at NAgomi Spa and Fitness

01:04 Arrival at private residence (no visitors)

September 22, 2013 (Mon)

09:15 Departure from private residence
09:30 Arrival at the Imperial Palace to celebrate the Koreisai Autumn festival
11:16 Departure from temple
11:35 Arrival at private residence

04:10 Departure from private residence
04:38 Arrival at Haneda Airport
04:47 Interview with media outlets on trip to North America

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