Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule September 23-30, 2013

September 23, 2013 (Mon)

09:15 Departure from private residence in Tomigaya to attend Koreisai Festival
09:30 Arrive at the Imperial Palace
11:16 Departure from the Imperial Palace
11:35 Arrival at private residence

04:10 Departure from private residence
04:38 Arrival at Haneda Airport
04:47 Interviews with media outlets on the presence of Japan in the international community and the North America visit

September 24, 2013 (Tue) (Local Time September 23)
Arrive Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Aiprort followed by an interview with CTV and a dinner hosted by Canadian Speaker of the Senate Noel Kinsella

September 25, 2013 (Wed) (Local Time September 24)
Attend a welcoming ceremony at the Capitol building followed by a summit meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Offers flowers at Ground Zero
September 26, 2013 (Thu) (Local Time September 25)
Arrive in New York City at the Pierre Hotel to attend a lunch hosted by the Hudson Institute and gives a speech; Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio also be in attendance. Afterwards, speak at the New York Stock Exchange, visit Ground Zero and attend a reception hosted by Japan Society

September 27, 2013 (Fri) (Local Time September 26)
Attend a summit meeting with Iranian President Rhouhani at the UN Millenium Hotel. Afterwards go the the UN General Assembly for a high level speech on nuclear disarmament. Finally, attend in a summit meeting with Pakistani politician and industrialist Naway Sharif

September 28. 2013 (Sat) (Local Time September 28)
Have breakfast and then go to JFK international Airport. Depart for Haneda at 4:50am

September 29, 2013 (Sun)

10:00 At private residence (no visitors)
11:36 Departure from residence
11:44 Arrive at Shibuya salon “Hair Guest” for a haircut

01:15 Depart from salon
01:26 Arrive at private residence
03:29 Meeting with Shigeru Kitamura, Cabinet Informtion Officer
04:39 Meeting with President of Mongolia Tsakhiaglin Elbegdorj

September 30, 2013 (Mon)

08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya
09:51 Depart from private residence
10:09 Arrive at the Imperial Palace for bookkeeping
10:18 Depart from the Imperial Palace
10:26 Arrive at office
10:27 Meeting with Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Saiki Akitaka
11:16 Meeting with Hiramatsu Kenji, Comprehensive Foreign Policy Director and Kozuki Toyohisa, General Director of the European Affairs Bureau
11:40 Isa Ijima, Cabinet Secretariat in attendance
11:59 Forest and Fisheries Permanent Secretary Yoshitsugu Minagawa in attendance

12:15 Depart from office
12:51 Arrive at the Hotel Okura
01:05 Meeting with Prince Andrew of Britain on the Kensington Terrace
01:55 Depart from the Hotel Okura
02:00 Arrive at office
02:26 Meeting with Aso Taro, Chief Cabinet Secretary; Amari Akira, Finance Minister; and Chief Cabinet Secretary SugaYoshihide.
04:00 Meeting with Kitamura Shigeru, Cabinet Information Officer and Kinomura Kenichi, Minister of Defense Information
04:30 Kitamura leaves
04:48 Special Cabinet meeting begins
04:53 Special Cabinet meeting ends
05:12 Meeting with Tokuji Hideshi from the Defense Policy Bureau
06:45 Depart from office
09:24 Depart from the Imperial Palace
09:31 Arrive at office
09:49 Photo shoot with Deputy Ministers
10:01 Meeting with Deputy Ministers
10:46 Letters of appointment to parliamentary secretary
11:03 Commemorative photo with parliamentary secretary
11:36 Arrival at private residence
11:45 No visitors

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