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Prime Minister of Japan’s Schedule August 8-14, 2016

August 8, 2016


09:22 Meet with National Security Secretariat Secretary General, Mr. Yachi, Cabinet Intelligence Director, Mr. Kitamura, and the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Foreign Policy Bureau Director General, Mr. Ishikane at the Prime Minister’s Office, followed by former Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister, Mr. Ota. Later meet with Supreme Court judges, Mr. Kizawa (newly appointed) and Mr. Yamaura (retiring).
10:09 Attend a cabinet meeting, followed by a meeting of the Reconstruction Promotion Council. Later attend a meeting of the Strategic Headquarters for Space Development.
10:53 Meet with Finance Minister, Mr. Aso, Vice Finance Minister, Mr. Sato, Vice Finance Minister for International Affairs, Mr. Asakawa, and Director General of the Budget Bureau, Mr. Fukuda. Later meet with Economic Revitalization Minister Ishihara, Cabinet Office Parliamentary Vice Minister, Mr. Nishikawa, Cabinet Office Deputy Director General, Mr. Habuka, and Cabinet Office Director Generals for Economic, Fiscal and Social Structure, Mr. Niihara and Mr. Tawa.
11:54 Meet with National Personnel Authority President, Ms. Ichimiya. Minister in Charge of Civil Service Reform, Mr. Yamamoto, Cabinet Bureau of Personnel Affairs’ Director General, Mr. Hagiuda and Chief Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Suga are present. Later attend a liaison conference between the government and the ruling parties. Later meet with Komeito Chief Representative, Mr. Yamaguchi.

12:35 Meet with Defense Minister, Ms. Inada. Later meet with Economy, Trade and Industry Minister, Mr. Seko.
13:26 Meet with LDP Policy Research Council Chairman, Mr. Motegi. Later meet with Mr. Yachi, Mr. Kitamura, Mr. Ishikane, Defense Policy Bureau Director General, Mr. Maeda and Admiral Mr. Kawano, Joint Staff Chief.
14:38 Meet with Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sugiyama and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Akiba, followed by a meeting with Prime Minister’s Special Advisor, Mr. Eto.
15:24 Interview open to all media. Later attend a meeting of the Council on Economy and Fiscal Policy. Afterwards meet with Mr. Kitamura, Mr. Maeda and the Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Headquarters Director, Ms. Miyakawa. Mr. Kitamura stay behind.
16:54 Meet with LDP Secretary General, Mr. Nikai and Kochi Prefectural Governor, Mr. Ozaki and others.
17:06 Meet with Mr. Yachi and Mr. Sugiyama. Later meet with Mr. Ishikane, Mr. Maeda and Mr. Kawano, followed by Mr. Yachi, Mr. Sugiyama and Mr. Akiba.
18:49 Meet with Japan Business Federation Honorary Chairman, Mr. Imai and the prime minister’s secretaries at the “Kioi Club” in town of Kioi.
21:34 Arrive at his private residence in Tomigaya.

August 9, 2016

07:02 Depart his private residence in Tomigaya.
07:55 Depart Haneda Airport by JAL flight 605 accompanied by Health, Labor and Welfare Minister, Mr. Shiozaki.
09:19 Arrive at Nagasaki Airport.
10:29 Attend the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Ceremony at the Peace Park in Nagasaki City.

12:19 Attend a “town hall for A-bomb survivors” at Hotel New Nagasaki followed by a press conference.
14:11 Depart Nagasaki Airport by ANA flight 666.
15:38 Arrive at Haneda Airport.
16:22 Meet with National Police Agency Commissioner Generals, Mr. Sakaguchi (newly appointed) and Mr. Kanetaka (retiring) at the Prime Minister’s Office. Later meet with Consumer Affairs Agency Commissioners, Mr. Okamura (newly appointed) and Ms. Bando (retiring). Afterwards meet with Minister for Working-style Reform, Mr. Kato.
18:28 Arrive at his private residence.
20:20 Dinner with friends at “Sumibi-Kushiyaki IW” restaurant in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
22:34 Arrive at his private villa in village of Narusawa.

August 10, 2016

07:22 Depart his private villa in Narusawa.
07:27 Play golf with friends at Narusawa Golf Club.

15:32 Arrive at his private villa.
18:21 Dinner with the prime minister’s secretaries at “Ryo” restaurant in Kawaguchiko.
20:37 Arrive at his private villa.

August 11, 2016

06:19 Depart his private villa in Narusawa, Yamanashi Prefecture.
06:42 Play golf with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Vice President, Mr. Takahashi Seiichiro, Kake Educational Institution Board of Trustees Chairman, Mr. Kake Kotaro and others at Fuji Golf Course in Yamanakako.

16:15 Arrive at his private residence in Tomigaya.
18:14 Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi and the prime minister’s secretaries at “en boca Tokyo” pizza restaurant in town of Motoyoyogi.
20:35 Arrive at his private residence.

August 12, 2016

09:36 Depart his private residence in Tomigaya.
10:52 Depart Haneda Airport on ANA flight 693.
11:55 Arrive at Yamaguchi Ube Airport.

12:06 Lunch with his secretaries at the restaurant “Curry House NEW OX.”
13:21 Visit his former secretary’s house to express sympathy in Mine City.
14:57 View bronze statue of [poet and songwriter] Misuzu Kaneko
15:58 Meet with Nagato Mayor, Mr. Onishi Kurao.
16:31 Pay homage at Iiyama Hachiman Shrine.
17:07 Visit workshop of ceramic artist, Mr. Sakakura Shinpei.
18:09 Dine with his wife, Akie, Nagato mayor, local supporters, and others at the Japanese inn “Otanisanso” and stay the night there.

August 13, 2016

08:45 Depart Japanese inn “Otanisanso” in Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, with his wife, Akie.
09:10 Make condolence visit to his supporter’s house.
09:40 Visit his father’s grave [former Foreign Minister Abe Shintaro]. Later, grant interviews to various media outlets.
11:30 Make condolence visit to house of person involved with his support group in Shimonoseki City.

12:03 Hold meeting of his support group at his residence.
13:57 Make condolence visit to house of person involved in his support group.
15:43 Attend Buddhist memorial service for the person involved with his support group held at Shimonoseki Tenreikaikan Hall.
16:09 Visit his supporter at Takeshisa Hospital.
16:33 Make condolence visit to his supporter’s home.
17:20 Arrive at his residence.
18:38 Meet Yamaguchi Bank Chairman, Mr. Fukuda Koichi at Yamagin Museum.
19:17 Deliver speech at the Kanmon Straits fireworks display. View fireworks.
20:29 Enjoy summer festival at Iminomiya Shrine. Deliver speech.
21:05 Visit Uzuhouse mall with his wife, Akie.
21:35 Dine with persons involved with his support group at Japanese restaurant “Kinkei.”
22:52 Arrive at his residence.

August 14, 2016

07:52 Depart his residence in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
08:25 Make condolence visit to his supporter’s house.
09:11 Make condolence visit to his office staff member’s house.
10:18 Commemorative photo with people at Sanyo Jidoshado Tonomi Parking Area in Hofu City.
11:03 Make condolence visit to former Home Affairs Minister Ms. Fubuta Akira’s house in Tabuse Town, with Lower House member, Mr. Nishimura Yasutoshi and Upper House member, Mr. Kitamura Tsuneo.
11:37 Pay respects at gravesite of his grandfather, former Prime Minister, Mr. Kishi Nobusuke, accompanied by Senior Vice Foreign Minister, Mr. Kishi Nobuo and Mr. Fubuta.
11:50 Meet with Mr. Fubuta and Mr. Nishimura at Mr. Kishi’s residence.

12:22 Visit restaurant “Western” at Sanyo Jidoshado Kudamatsu Service Area in Kudamatsu City.
14:31 Depart Yamaguchi Ube Airport on JAL flight 294.
15:46 Arrive at Haneda Airport.
16:21 Arrive at his private residence in Tomigaya.

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