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Prime Minister of Japan’s Schedule October 20-26, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

12:00 At private residence (no visitors)
07:53 Depart from private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo
08:09 Arrive at office
08:20 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Obuchi Yuko enters
08:50 Ms. Obuchi leaves
09:36 Meet with Minister in charge of the Abduction Issue Yamatani Eriko
10:01 End meeting with Ms. Yamatani
10:05 Meet with American CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
10:27 End meeting with Mr. Zuckerberg
10:28 Meet with Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Saiki Akitaka
10:56 End meeting with Mr. Saiki
11:02 Depart from office
10:10 Arrive at Imperial Palace. Register return to Japan. Attend Empress’s Birthday Celebration

12:14 Depart from Imperial Palace
12:23 Arrive at office
01:09 Minister of Justice Matsushima Midori enters
01:26 Ms. Matsushima leaves
01:42 Interview open to all media: When asked about “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Ms. Obuchi and Minister of Justice Ms. Matsushima’s letters of resignation” Mr. Abe answers “I respect the intentions of these two people, and I accept their letters of resignation. As the Prime Minister it is my duty to fill these posts.”
01:45 Interview ends
01:50 Receive courtesy call from Mayor of Nihonmatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture and Chrysanthemum Ambassador Chiba Chie and others. LDP Lower House member Nemoto Takumi also attends
01:56 Courtesy call ends
02:02 Liaison Council of Government and Ruling and Opposition Parties Institutions for Measures against Abduction Issue meeting
02:53 Council meeting ends
02:55 Headquarters for the Abduction Issue meeting
03:16 Meeting ends
03:25 Speak with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)’s Director-General of North American Affairs Bureau Tomita Koji, Ministry of Defense (MOD)’s Director-General of Bureau of Defense Policy Kuroe Tetsuro and Director-General of Bureau of Local Cooperation Nakajima Akihiko
03:35 Finish speaking with Mr. Tomita, Mr. Kuroe, and Mr. Nakajima
03:50 Meet with Minister in charge of Total Reform of Social Security and Tax Amari Akira
04:11 End meeting with Mr. Amari
04:12 Meet with Chief of Staff for Joint Staff Council Kawano Katsutoshi
04:27 End meeting with Mr. Kawano
04:39 Courtesy call from US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and colleagues. Resident US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy also attends
04:53 Courtesy call ends
04:55 Depart from office
04:56 Arrive at Diet
04:58 Enter LDP Secretary-General’s Room. Endorse candidate for Miyazaki Prefecture’s gubernatorial election. Commemorative photo session with candidates for Okinawa Prefecture’s gubernatorial election and Naha City (Okinawa Prefecture)’s mayoral election
05:04 Leave room
05:05 Enter LDP President’s Room
05:06 LDP Officers Meeting
05:24 Meeting ends
05:27 Leave room
05:28 Depart from Diet
05:30 Arrive at office
05:45 Council for Promoting the Alleviation of the Burden of Futenma Air Station meeting
06:05 Council meeting ends
06:21 Speak with incoming Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Miyazawa Yoichi
06:33 Finish speaking with Mr. Miyazawa
06:34 Speak with incoming Minister of Justice Kamikawa Yoko
06:46 Finish speaking with Ms. Kamikawa
06:51 Interview open to all media: When asked about “the reason you rushed to appoint new Cabinet Ministers” Mr. Abe answers “Economics are a top priority that we must actively advance. In administration and governance we cannot delay.”
06:53 Interview ends
06:54 Depart from office
06:55 Arrive at official residence. Dinner meeting with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seko Hiroshige, Secretary-General for LDP in Upper House Date Chuichi, and colleagues
08:11 Everyone leaves

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

12:00 At official residence (no visitors)
08:00 At official residence (no morning visitors)
08:13 Depart from official residence
08:16 Arrive at office
08:29 Speak with Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide
08:39 Finish speaking with Mr. Suga
08:41 Nine Ministers’ Group of National Security Council (NSC) meeting
08:50 Meeting ends
09:02 Cabinet Meeting begins
09:12 Cabinet Meeting ends
09:47 Depart from office
09:56 Arrive at Imperial Palace. Secret report to Emperor, attestation ceremony for Cabinet Ministers for LDP Lower House member Kamikawa Yoko (incoming Minister of Justice) and LDP Upper House member Miyazawa Yoichi (incoming Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry)
10:40 Depart from Imperial Palace
10:51 Arrive at office
11:01 Deliver notices of appointment to Ms. Kamikawa and Mr. Miyazawa
11:02 Finish delivering notices of appointment
11:03 Commemorative photo session with Ms. Kamikawa and Mr. Miyazawa
11:05 Photo session ends
11:24 Meet with Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy Amari Akira, Cabinet Office’s Vice-Minister Matsuyama Kenji, and Director-Generals for Policies on Cohesive Society Maekawa Mamoru and Habuka Shigeki

12:02 End meeting with Mr. Amari, Mr. Matsuyama, Mr. Maekawa and Mr. Habuka
01:35 Informal talk with editors of women’s magazines
02:18 Talk ends
Stanley Berman AJC
02:19 Speak with incoming Justice of Supreme Court Ikegami Masayuki and outgoing Justice Yokota Tomoyuki
02:24 Finish speaking with Mr. Ikegami and Mr. Yokota
02:35 Meet with President of American Jewish Committee Stanley Bergman
02:58 End meeting with Mr. Bergman
02:59 Meet with Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Saiki Akitaka
03:27 End meeting with Mr. Saiki
03:31 Inaugural greeting for Ambassador to Ukraine Sumi Shigeki and colleagues
03:36 Greeting ends
03:37 Director of Cabinet Intelligence Kitamura Shigeru, MOD’s Director of Defense Intelligence Headquarters (DIH) Miyagawa Tadashi, and MOD’s Administrative Vice-Minister Kawashima Takaki enter
03:50 Mr. Miyagawa and Mr. Kawashima leave
04:20 Mr. Kitamura leaves
04:58 Forum for Consultations between the National and Regional Governments
05:03 Forum ends
05:17 Ministerial Council on Monthly Economic Report and Other Relative Issues meeting
05:31 Meeting ends
05:35 Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy meeting
06:27 Meeting ends
07:18 Depart from office
07:40 Arrive at private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

12:00 At private residence (no visitors)
08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo (no morning visitors)
09:28 Depart from private residence
09:47 Arrive at office
09:57 Meet with Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy Amari Akira and Vice-Minister of Cabinet Office Matsuyama Kenji
10:25 End meeting with Mr. Amari and Mr. Matsuyama
10:26 Science and Technology in Society Forum
10:53 Forum ends
10:54 Meet with LDP Secretary-General Tanigaki Sadakazu
11:28 End meeting with Mr. Tanigaki
11:34 Director of Cabinet Intelligence Kitamura Shigeru and Director of Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center Shimohira Koji enter
11:44 Mr. Shimohira leaves
11:54 Mr. Kitamura leaves

01:22 Meet with Governor of Nagano Prefecture Abe Shuichi
01:40 End meeting with Mr. Abe
01:52 Meet with LDP Lower House member Noda Takeshi
02:13 End meeting with Mr. Noda
02:23 Meet with LDP Lower House member Kawai Katsuyuki
02:44 End meeting with Mr. Kawai
02:45 Meet with President of Japan-Korea Parliamentarians’ Union [日韓議員連盟 : Nikkan Giin Renmei] Nukaga Fukushiro
03:15 End meeting with Mr. Nukaga
03:37 Interview open to all media: When asked about “the reason for dispatching a group to South Korea” Mr. Abe answers “To those in charge of the special investigative committee, the abduction issue is treated as top priority, and they thought without a dispatch the investigation may become impossible to conduct.”
03:40 End interview
03:43 Government-Labor-Management Meeting
04:38 Meeting ends
04:53 Receive courtesy call from Nobel Prize for Physics award winner Amano Hiroshi, professor at Nagoya University
05:03 Courtesy call ends
05:04 Council for Science, Technology and Innovation meeting
05:29 Meeting ends
05:34 NSC meeting
06:12 NSC meeting ends
06:21 Depart from office
06:26 Arrive at Hotel Okura in Toranomon, Tokyo. Attend dinner party for Tokaido Shinkansen 50th Anniversary of Start of Operations in banquet hall Heian Room, deliver address
07:04 Depart from hotel
07:14 Arrive at hotel Le Port Kojimachi in Hirakawa-cho, Tokyo. Dinner meeting with 1st-time elected LDP Lower House members in banquet hall Shiki-tei
08:53 Depart from hotel
09:12 Arrive at private residence

Thursday, October 23, 2014

12:00 At private residence (no visitors)
08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo (no morning visitors)
09:26 Arrive at private residence
09:43 Arrive at office
10:57 Meet with Director of NSC Yachi Shotaro
11:32 End meeting with Mr. Yachi
11:33 Meet with MOD’s Administrative Vice-Minister Tokuchi Hideshi and Director of DIH Miyagawa Tadashi

12:04 End meeting with Mr. Tokuchi and Mr. Miyagawa
01:17 Depart from office
01:21 Arrive at hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon in Hayabusa-cho, Tokyo. Participate in Memorial Service for Police Officers Who Lost Their Lives on Duty and for Citizens Who Lost Their Lives Assisting with Police Duties in banquet hall Fuji, deliver address, offer flowers
02:02 Depart from hotel
02:06 Arrive at office
03:45 Meet with Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs K. Shanmugam
04:00 End meeting with Mr. Shanmugam
04:30 Meet with Mr. Yachi
05:00 End meeting with Mr. Yachi
05:35 Depart from office
05:42 Arrive at Imperial Hotel in Uchisaiwai-cho, Tokyo. Attend Gathering of Representatives of National Federation of Small Business Associations in banquet hall Fuji, deliver address
06:01 Depart from hotel
06:17 Arrive at Roppongi Hills in Roppongi, Tokyo. Attend Opening Ceremony of Tokyo International Film Festival in movie theater TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills, deliver address
06:52 Commemorative photo session with Japanese actor Oka Masi. LDP Upper House member Yamamoto Ichita also attends
06:54 Photo session ends
06:55 Depart from Roppongi Hills
06:56 Arrive at hotel Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi, Tokyo
07:03 Depart from hotel
07:08 Arrive at (funeral home) Aoyama Sougisho in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo. Attend wake of the late Sekiguchi Noritaka, President of Bussho-Gonenkai religious organization
07:11 Depart from Aoyama Sougisho
07:20 Arrive at official residence

Friday, October 24, 2014

12:00 At official residence (no visitors)
07:56 Depart from official residence
07:57 Arrive at office
08:02 Cabinet Meeting begins
08:11 Cabinet Meeting ends
10:16 Depart from office
10:25 Arrive at Imperial Palace, secret report to Emperor
11:09 Depart from Imperial Palace
11:17 Arrive at office
11:37 Meet with Secretary-General of Headquarters for the Abduction Issue Ishikawa Shoichiro

12:06 End meeting with Mr. Ishikawa
03:02 Depart from office
03:11 Arrive at Kyodo News in Higashi-Shinbashi, Tokyo
03:12 Informal talk with President of Kyodo News Service Fukuyama Masaki in President’s Reception Room
03:25 Finish talking with Mr. Fukuyama
03:26 Attend Meeting of Managing Editors of Member Companies of Kyodo News in Special Convention Hall, deliver address
03:42 Leave meeting
03:43 Depart from Kyodo News
03:51 Arrive at office
03:57 MOFA’s Vice-Minister Saiki Akitaka and Director-General of Foreign Policy Bureau Hiramatsu Kenji enter
04:23 Mr. Hiramatsu leaves
04:44 Mr. Saiki leaves
04:45 Receive courtesy call from Chiefs of Staff and Other Officials of Air Forces in Indo-Pacific Region
04:59 Courtesy call ends
05:27 Filming for video message regarding Fukuoka 2014 Special Olympics
05:39 Finish filming
06:05 Summit Conference with President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili
06:38 Summit Conference ends
06:41 Joint signing ceremony and joint press release
06:53 Depart from office
06:54 Arrive at official residence. Dinner meeting hosted by Prime Minster Abe Shinzo and his wife
07:59 See off President Margvelashvili
08:02 Finish seeing off President Margvelashvili

Saturday, October 25, 2014

12:00 At official residence (no visitors)
08:00 At official residence (no morning visitors)
09:44 Depart from official residence
09:58 Arrive at Ministry of Defense in Honmura-cho, Ichigaya, Tokyo. Attend Memorial Service for Members of Self-Defense Force Who Lost Their Lives on Duty, deliver memorial address, offer flowers
10:53 Depart from Ministry of Defense
11:01 Arrive at official residence

Stay at official residence through afternoon and evening

Sunday, October 26, 2014

12:00 At official residence (no visitors)
10:00 Depart from official residence
10:01 Arrive at office
10:11 Depart from Kantei rooftop heliport in Ground Self-Defense Forces’ helicopter. Special Advisors to the Prime Minister Isozaki Yosuke and Hasegawa Eiichi accompany
10:41 Arrive at Hyakuri Base of Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) in Omitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture
10:51 Meet with Minister of Defense Eto Akinori, MOD’s Chief of Staff for JASDF Saito Harukazu, and Commander of Hyakuri Base Fukazawa Eiichiro at JASDF Air Defense Command’s 7th Air Wing Headquarters Office
11:15 End meeting with Mr. Eto, Mr. Saito, and Mr. Fukazawa
11:19 Arrive at military review site. Attend Air Review Held on 60th Anniversary of Establishment of MOD and Self-Defense Forces, give instruction

01:11 View new US Military transport craft MV-22 Osprey
01:18 Finish viewing craft
01:39 Lunch meeting with Mr. Eto, Chief Representative of New Komeito Yamaguchi Natsuo, MOD’s Administrative Vice-Minister Nishi Masanori, Chief of Staff for Maritime Self-Defense Force Kawano Katsutoshi, Mr. Saito, and colleagues at JASDF Air Defense Command’s 7th Air Wing Headquarters Office
02:13 Lunch meeting ends
02:40 Depart from Hyakuri Air Base by helicopter
03:20 Arrive at Kantei rooftop heliport
03:24 Depart from office
03:40 Arrive at private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo
04:45 Depart from private residence
04:52 Arrive at salon HAIR GUEST in Shibuya, Tokyo. Hair cut
06:29 Depart from salon
06:40 Arrive at Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu in Nagata-cho, Tokyo. Dinner meeting with local supporters in banquet hall Hikari within hotel
08:08 Depart from hotel
08:25 Arrive at private residence

Provisional Translation by: Erin M. Jones

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