Thursday, June 20, 2013

South Korea: The Enduring Alliance

June 24 

June 25

Asan Institute for Policy Studies 

Hahm Chaibong, Asan Institute; Burwell B. Bell, Former Commander, US Forces Korea; Han Sung-Joo, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, ROK; Robert Garcia, Former US Representative, D-NY; Park Jin, Former Member, National Assembly, ROK; John Warner, Former US Senator, R-VA; David Sanger, The New York Times; Graham Allison, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Kim Sung-han, Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, ROK; Gary Samore, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Walter Sharp, Former Commander, US Forces Korea; Yu Myung Hwan, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, ROK; Choi Kang, Asan Institute, Kil Jeong Woo, National Assembly, ROK; Lee Chung Min, Yonsei University; Mark Minton, Korea Society; Douglas Paal, Carnegie; Paul Wolfowitz, Former US Deputy Secretary of Defense; David Rennie, The Economist; Richard Bush, Brookings; Kurt Campbell, Asia Group, LLC; Joe Lieberman, Former US Senator, I-CT; Christopher Hill, University of Denver; Thomas C. Hubbard, McLarty Associates; J. James Kim, Asan Institute; Charlie Cook, The Cook Political Report; Kim Jiyoon, Asan Institute; Bruce Klingner, Heritage; William Tobey, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Shin Chang-Hoon, Asan Institute; Michael O’Hanlon, Brookings; Bennett Ramberg, Foreign Policy Consultant, Writer; Yamaguchi Noboru, National Defense Academy of Japan; Baek Buhm-Suk, Asan Institute; Roberta Cohen, Brookings; Frank Jannuzi, Amnesty International USA; Marcus Noland, Peterson Institute for International Economic; Walter Lohman, Heritage; Michael Auslin, AEI; Bong Youngshik, Asan Institute; Nishino Junya, Keio University; Thomas Christensen, Princeton University; Bonnie Glaser, CSIS; Gilbert Rozman, Princeton University; Zhao Quansheng, American University. 

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