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Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule June 4-11

June 4, 2013 (Tues)


08:03 Leave private residence in Tomigaya
08:14 Arrive at office
08:23 Cabinet meeting
08:34 Seko Hiroshige, Chief Cabinet Deputy Secretary
09:52 Leave office
09:54 Arrive at National Diet
09:56 House of Councillors committee meeting room 21
10:00 Opening of House of Councillors Economic and Industry committee meeting
11:35 Leave House of Councillors Economic and Industry committee mid-session
11:36 Leave National Diet
11:38 Arrive at office
11:55 Taro Kimura, aide to the Prime Minister

12:00 Mr. Kimura leaves
12:08 Leave office
12:09 Arrive at official residence. Dine with LDP’s Tatsuo Fukuda and other first term lower house Diet members. Suga Yoshihide, Chief Cabinet Secretary and others attend
12:56 Leave official residence
12:57 Arrive at office
01:26 Akira Amari, Minister of Economic Revitalization; Takashi Matsumoto, Cabinet Office Undersecretary; Takeshi Matsuyama, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination
01:52 Leave office
02:04 Enter Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) meeting hall in Otemachi, Tokyo.
02:06 Nippon Keidanren Regular General meeting
02:24 Leave meeting hall
02:36 Arrive at assembly hall in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo
02:40 Raises signboard for the Comprehensive IT Strategy Unit with Ichita Yamamoto, IT Policy Advisor and others
02:43 Leave assembly hall
02:45 Arrive at office
03:11 Kosuke Obata, Society President of Japan Youth Assembly Place
03:45 Tomomi Inada, Administrative Reform Minister
03:26 Leave office
03:29 Arrive at LDP Headquarters. Attend National Party Secretary General Meeting
05:03 Leave LDP Headquarters.
05:05 Arrive at office
05:06 Masako Mori, Minister for the Declining Birthrate. Yasunori Yoshimura, Cabinet Secretariat Advisor attends
05:27 Toshio Oishi, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Deputy Director of Affairs
05:40 Yasuo Otani, Deputy Director-General of Health, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Yoshiyuki Kikura, Director General, Health Insurance Bureau.
06:36 Summit meeting with South African President Jacob Zuma
07:21 Leave office
07:22 Arrive at official residence
07:23 Dinner hosted by Prime Minister
07:40 See off President Zuma
07:44 Leave official residence
07:57 Arrive at private residence

June 5, 2013 (Wed)


09:03 Leave private residence
09:21 Arrive at office
09:48 Leave office
09:56 Arrive at Hotel New Otani in Kioicho, Tokyo. Inside hotel’s banquet hall, attend General Meeting of the Japan Association of City Mayors, give address
10:14 Masato Matsuura, Mayor of Hofu in Yamaguchi Prefecture
10:17 Leave hotel
10:25 Arrive at office
10:26 Toshiaki Endo, Chief Secretary of Bipartisan “Diet Members Alliance for 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics Japan Invitation”
10:44 Reconstruction Promotion Committee
11:05 Regulatory Reform Council
11:20 Masahiko Komura, Liberal Democratic Party Vice-President

12:06 Leave office
12:23 Arrive at Grand Prince Hotel in Takanawa, Tokyo. In hotel banquet room attend Research Institute of Japan’s national seminar, gives address
01:13 Leave hotel
01:33 Arrive at official residence. Attend Cabinet Minister Ladies’ meeting.
01:41 Leave official residence
01:42 Arrive at office
01:56 Akira Amari, Minister of Economic Revitalization; Ikuro Sugawara, Manufacturing Industry Director at Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
02:26 Itsunori Onodera, Defense Minister; Masanori Nishi, Defense Ministry Undersecretary; Hideshi Tokuchi, Defense Policy Bureau Director
03:03 Courtesy call from Hiromasa Yonekura, Japanese Chairman of Japan-EU Business Round Table; Ambassador Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Japan; and others
03:19 Shigeru Kitamura, Cabinet Information Officer; Hideshi Toguchi; Kenichi Kinomura, Head of Intelligence Headquarters enter
03:28 Hideshi Toguchi and Kenichi Kinomura leave
03:44 Shigeru Kitamura leaves
04:01 Administrative Reform Promotion Council
05:03 Forum for Consultations between the National and Regional Governments
05:11 Hakubun Shimomura, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Norihisa Tamura, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare; Masako Mori, Minister for the Declining Birthrate
05:28 Koichi Hamada, Cabinet Secretariat Advisor
06:14 Industrial Competitiveness Council
07:02 Leave office
07:03 Arrive at official residence. Dine with Keiji Yamada, Kyoto Prefectural Governor, Nation-Wide Prefectural Governor Chairman. Yoshitaka Shindo, Minister for Internal Affairs; Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary attended
08:30 Leave official residence
08:33 Arrives ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo in Akasaka
08:34 Informal talk with Shungaku Yanai, Chairman, Yamaguchi Prefecture Diet
08:48 Informal talk with Hakubun Shimomura, Minister of Science; Koichi Hagiuda, LDP, House of Representatives
09:48 Leave hotel
10:03 Arrive at private residence

June 6, 2013 (Thu)


08:40 Leave private residence
08:59 Arrive at office
09:04 Education Rebuilding Implementation Council
09:58 Akira Amari, Minister in charge of Total Reform of Social Security and Tax; Atsushi Seike, Social Security System Reform National Conference Chairman; Katsunobu Kato, Chief Cabinet Deputy Secretary
10:14 Toru Hashimoto, Japan Restoration Party co-leader; Ichiro Matsui, Chief Secretary; Mikio Shimoji, Representative of Okinawan Political Group “Souzou”
10:52 Ichita Yamamoto, Science and Technology Minister; Takashi Matsumoto, Cabinet Office Vice-Minister
11:10 Teruyuki Katori, Director-General Pension Bureau Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
11:54 Courtesy call from Kishu Plum Society “Plum Girls”

12:03 Luncheon meeting with managers of small to medium companies. Eiichi Hasegawa, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister attends.
01:48 Receive proposal from Akira Banzai, President of Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives
02:04 Itsunori Onodera, Defense Minister; Hideshi Toguchi, Defense Policy Bureau Director
02:46 Michiyoshi Kiuchi, Supreme Court Justice
02:51 Courtesy call from Yuichiro Miura, oldest person to climb Mount Everest
03:15 Minoru Kiuchi, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; Hisahito Okazaki, Former Ambassador to Thailand
03:26 Akira Amari, Minister of Economic Revitalization; Takashi Matsumoto, Cabinet Office Undersecretary; Takeshi Matsuyama, Cabinet Office Deputy Director-General
04:04 Chikao Kawai, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; Ichiro Komatsu, Ambassador to France
04:52 Agence France-Press news interview
05:08 Yasuo Otani, Deputy Director-General of Health, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Tetsuya Yajima, Health Bureau Director
05:33 Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy
06:38 Council for Science and Technology Policy
07:03 Leave office
07:04 Arrive at official residence. Dines with Council for Science and Technology Policy members. Ichita Yamamoto attends
08:10 Leave official residence
08:15 Arrive at State Guest House in Motoakasaka, Tokyo. Dinner party with French President Francois Hollande and his partner Valerie Trierweiler. Wife Akie attends.
09:42 Leave State Guest House
09:59 Arrive at private residence

June 7, 2013 (Fri)


07:31 Leave private residence in Tomigaya
07:44 Arrive at office
07:51 Security meeting
08:01 Akihiro Ota, Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister
08:06 Council on Measures for Society with Decreasing Birthrate
08:22 Cabinet meeting
08:38 Yoshitaka Shindo, Minister for Internal Affairs
08:46 Leave office
08:52 Arrive at Imperial Palace. Welcome reception for French President Francois Hollande and his partner Valerie Trierweiler with wife Akie
09:46 Leave Imperial Palace
09:53 Arrive at office
09:54 Koji Tsuruoka, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs
11:19 Meet with President Hollande, commemoration photograph
11:22 Start of Japan-France Summit Meeting

12:18 End of summit meeting
12:31 Japan-France cooperation document exchange, joint press conference
01:02 Working lunch hosted by Prime Minister
02:13 Leave office
02:15 Arrive at National Diet
02:40 Welcome party for President Hollande and Ms. Valerie
03:24 Leave National Diet
03:25 Arrive at office
03:33 Shigeru Kitamura, Cabinet Information Officer
04:19 Interview with the Nikkei Newspaper
04:49 Yukiyoshi Minehisa, Secretary General for Fukushima Headquarters for Restriction and Revitalization
04:58 Shotaro Yachi, Cabinet Secretariat participant
06:29 Leave office
06:34 Arrive at Imperial office. Attended Imperial Court Welcome Dinner for President Hollande and Ms.Valerie together with wife Akie
09:48 Leave Imperial Palace
10:06 Arrive at private residence

June 8, 2013 (Sat)


10:17 Home in Tomigaya
11:03 Arrive in Kyojima District, Sumida-ku. Inspect area of densely situated wooden homes with LDP lower house member Midori Matsushima and Sumida Mayor Noboru Yamasaki
11:21 Depart
11:32 Arrive at Okano Kougyou metal processing company in Higashi Mukojima
11:56 Depart
11:59 Lunch with Ms. Matsushima and others at Eagle Café in Yahiro

12:41 Depart
12:56 Deliver Stump Speech in front of Tokyo Supermarket
01:12 Depart
01:27 Deliver stump speech at Ryogoku Station
01:46 Depart
01:49 Arrive at pastry shop “Mary’s Western Confectionery” in Chitose, Tokyo. Greet the shop’s owner, a former elementary school classmate
01:53 Depart
02:11 Arrive at Super Viva Home Toyosu home improvement store. Deliver stump speech
02:30 Depart
03:17 Deliver stump speech at Kanamachi Station
03:35 Depart
03:50 Deliver stump speech at Kameari Station
04:08 Depart
04:46 Deliver stump speech at Nippori Station
05:05 Depart
05:22 Hyperbaric oxygen treatment at Tokyo Ikashikadai School of Medicine Hospital in Yushima
07:16 Depart
07:41 Home

June 9, 2013 (Sun)


08:38 Depart Private Residence
08:43 Arrive at NHK in Jinnan
09:00 Appear on News Program
09:34 Depart from NHK
09:38 Arrive Private Residence
10:22 Depart Private Residence
10:38 Arrive Empire Hotel
10:39 Hotel Waiting Room
10:54 Meet with Ibuki Bunmei, Member of the House of Representatives; Godama Takashi, Head of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan; and others
11:00 Attend 120th Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Commemoration Ceremony at hotel banquet hall
11:44 Depart from Hotel
11:48 Arrive at The Capital Hotel in Nagata Area, dine at Hotel Restaurant Origami

12:35 Leave Hotel
12:50 Deliver stump speech in front of Mita Kasuga Shrine
01:08 Deliver stump speech at Azabu Juuban Shopping District
01:25 Depart
01:51 Deliver stump speech in front of Ooimachi Garden
02:13 Depart
02:39 Deliver stump speech in front of Musashi-Koyama Train Station
03:02 Depart
03:29 Deliver stump speech at west exit of Sakura-Shimmachi Station
03:44 Depart
04:24 Deliver stump speech in front of the Karasu Yama Ward Resident Center
04:46 Depart
05:17 Deliver stump speech in front of Taishido Carrot Tower
05:35 Depart
05:45 Deliver stump speech in front of Shibuya Train Station, Hachikou Exit
06:03 Depart
06:23 Arrive at Hilton Tokyo, get hair cut at Muragi Barber Shop
07:31 Depart Hotel
07:44 Arrive at private residence, no visitors

June 10, 2013 (Mon)


08:56 Depart Private Residence
09:31 Arrive at Haneda Airport
09:52 See off the Crown Prince on his way to Spain
10:21 Depart
10:52 Arrive at Official Residence
11:16 Omron Corporation Special Advisors
11:40 Cabinet Secretariat, Munakata Norio
12:02 Ruling Party Liaison Meeting
12:33 Deputy Prime Minister, Taro Aso

01:10 Chief Cabinet Secretary: Yoshihide Suga; Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries: Kato Katsunobu, Seko Hiroshige, Sugita Kazuhiro
02:05 Interview with Akira Ikegami , Journalist, Literary Spring and Autumn Magazine
03:22 Director-General of North America Affairs Bureau, Junichi Ihara; Tokuji Hideshi, Bureau of Defence Policy
04:00 President of Yamaguchi Bank, Koichi Fukuda
04:27 Depart Official Residence
04:29 Arrive LDP Headquarters
04:31 Video message recording for local meeting
04:45 LDP Acting Secretary-General, Hiroyuki Hosoda
05:04 LDP Board Meeting
05:32 Official acknowledgement of the expected candidates for the Upper House election. Committee Chairmen present: Vice President, Masahiko Komura; Secretary General, Shigeru Ishiba; and Takeo Kawamura
05:45 Depart LDP Headquarters
05:47 Arrive Office
05:48 Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Kato Katsunobu; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kawai Chikao; Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Saiki Akitaka; Deputy Director General of European Affairs Toyohisa Kozuki; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Food Industry Bureau Director General Hisao Harihara
06:05 Harihara Leaves
06:13 Government Representative in charge of Europe and the Middle East, Yutaka Imura, Joins
06:21 Toyohisa Kozuki Leaves
06:33 Kato, Imura, Kawai and Saiki Leave
06:38 Depart Office
06:39 Arrive Official Residence. Dine with Taishiro Yamagiwa and other officials from different ministries of the Government Affairs Cabinet Office. Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato also present
08:01 Depart Official Residence
08:08 Arrive New Otani Hotel in Tokyo. Informal talk with Aoki Holdings President, Hironori Aoki and Founder of Fancl Corporation, Kenji Ikemori. Japan Restoration Association and Lower House of the Diet Member, Hiroshi Yamada also present
09:02 Depart Hotel
09:15 Arrive Private Residence

June 11, 2013 (Tues)


08:33 Leave private residence in Tomigaya
08:51 Arrive at office
09:07 Ministerial Council on the Promotion of Japan as a Tourism-Oriented Country
09:22 Cabinet meeting begins
09:35 Cabinet meeting ends
09:39 Leave office
09:48 Arrive at Roppongi Academy Hills in Roppongi, Tokyo
10:03 Inside at the Library Café attend the World Economic Forum Japan Meeting and give address
10:34 Leave Roppongi Academy Hills
10:45 Arrive at office
10:54 Record public relations video message
11:33 Keiichi Ishii, Policy Research Council Chairman of the New Komeito Party; Masaaki Taniai, Youth Committee Chairman of the New Komeito Party

12:03 Leave office
12:06 Arrive at official residence. Lunch with LDP’s Hisayuki Fuji and other first term Lower House Diet members. Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary is present.
12:50 Leave official residence
12:52 Arrive at office
01:35 Hodo Nakamura, Nagasaki Governor; Mitsuyuki Segawa, Secretary General of LDP’s Nagasaki Chapter; Tsutomu Tomioka, Member of the Lower House
02:01Talks with pro baseball player Sadaharu Oh about restoring Mt. Fuji
03:00 Fumio Kishida, Foreign Minister; Itsunori Onodera, Defense Minister; Kenji Hiramatsu, Director-General of the Foreign Policy Bureau
04:05 Receives a request on the Establishment of New National Defense Program Guidelines from LDP’s Takeshi Iwaya, Security Committee Chairman; and Yasuhide Nakayama, National Defense Division Chief
04:35 Shigeru Kitamura, Cabinet Information Officer; Ministry of Defense’s Kenichi Kinomura, Head of Intelligence Headquarters enter
04:47 Mr. Kinomura exits
04:55 Mr. Kitamura exits
05:12 Yasushi Manago, Vice Finance Minister; Mitsuhiro Furusawa, Vice-Finance Minister for International affairs; Tatsuo Yamasaki, Director-General of Finance Ministry’s International Bureau
05:26 Chikao Kawai, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; Akitaka Saiki, Deputy Foreign Minister enter
05:41 Katsunobu Kato, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; Koji Tsuruoka, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; Makio Miyagawa, Director-General, Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau join
06:18 All leave
06:19 Courtesy call from Luvsanvandan Bold, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. Sodovjamts Khurelbaatar, Mongolian Ambassador to Japan; Shinsuke Sugiyama, Director-General of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau attends
06:36 Leave office
06:44 Arrive at Hotel New Otani in Kioicho, Tokyo. In banquet hall attend bipartisan Shinto Politics Union Diet Members social gathering and give address at the union’s joint meeting.
07:00 Leave hotel
07:01 Arrive at Japanese restaurant in Koicho. Dine with Keidanren’s Takashi Imai, Hiroshi Okuda, Fujio Mitarai
08:27 Leave restaurant
08:45 Arrive at private residence

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