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Prime Minister of Japan's schedule Nov 26-Dec 2

November 26, 2012 (MON)


08:19 JR Tokyo Station
08:33 Leave the station on Hikari Express #550
09:58 Arrive at JR Toyohashi Station, Aichi Prefecture
10:14 Leave the Toyohashi Station on Kodama Express #637
10:29 Arrive at JR Mikawa Anjo Station, Aichi Prefecture
10:45 Street Speech in front of the Ito Yokado Supermarket Anjo Store

12:08 Meitetsu Handa Station, Handa City, Aichi Prefecture; Street Speech
12:40 Lunch in a Japanese restaurant “Hamashio” in Handa City
02:03 Nagoya Metro Tokushige Station, Nagoya City Midori Ward, Aichi Prefecture; Street speech
03:19 Toyoake City, in front of Supermarket “Piago Toyoake”; Street speech
04:29 Okazaki City, Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki Station; Street speech
06:12 JR Nagoya Station
06:31 Leave the station on Nozomi Express #42
08:13JR Tokyo Station
08:31 Residence

November 27, 2012 (TUE)


09:00 Office
09:01 Mr. Edano, Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
09:13 Meeting of the Ministerial Committee on the Global Warming Issue
09:30 Ministerial meeting
09:45 Reconstruction Promotion Council
10:06 Mr. Okada, Deputy Prime Minister; Mr. Jojima, Minister of Finance; Mr. Maehara, Minister of National Policy; Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Manago, Administrative Vice Minister of Finance
11:00 Receives Opinions in Writing from the Chairman of the Councilors' Meeting of the Headquarters for Ocean Policy
11:08 Mr. Kawai, Administrative Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
11:46 Video message shooting for the symposium hosted by the Brooking Institute and Japan Center for Economic Research
11:57 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary 

12:03 Mr. Jimi, President of People’s New Party
12:06 Mr. JImi leaves
01:20 Jr. Gotanda Station, Tokyo; Street speech
02:16 Taishido, Tokyo, in front of Carrot Tower; Street speech
02:55 Office
04:29 DPJ Headquarters
05:01 DPJ Manifesto Announcement Meeting
05:30 Residence

November 28, 2012 (WED)


07:07 Haneda Airport
07:35 Leave the airport on ANA Flight 451
09:09 Arrive at Saga Airport
09:59 Home Plaza Nafco Minami Saga, Saga City; Street speech
11:04 Another Street speech in Saga city
11:44 Hotel New Ohtani Saga; Lunch in a Chinese Restaurant “Taikanen”

01:29 Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Higashimachi Park; Street speech
02:48 JR Meihama Station, Fukuoka City Nishi Ward; Street Speech
03:40 Tenjin Times, Fukuoka City Chuo Ward; Street speech
04:12 Press interview
04:29 Fukuoka Airport
05:22 Leave the airport on JA Fight 324
06:32 Arrive at Haneda Airport
07:08 Residence

November 29, 2012 (THU)
10:59 Odakyu Isehara Station, Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Street speech

12:28 JR Fujisawa Station; Street speech
12:54 Lunch at Grand Hotel Shonan, Fujisawa City
02:37 Sagami Tetsudo Futamatagawa Station, Yokohama City Asahi Ward; Street speech
03:49 Metro Center Minami Station, Yokohama City Tsuzuki Ward; Street speech
05:11 JR Kawasaki Station; Street speech
06:33 DPJ Headquarters
07:51 Live House Nicofarre; Participate in the online party presidents debate hosted by Nico Ni
09:45 Residence

November 30, 2012 (FRI)


08:30 Office
08:40 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office; Mr. Yonemura, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management; and Mr. Shimohira, Chief of Defense Intelligence Headquarters, Ministry of Defense
08:49 Mr. Yonemura and Mr. Shimohira leave
09:00 Mr. Kitamura leaves
09:06 Meeting of the Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters
09:34 Ministerial meeting
09:59 Ministerial Committee on the Formulation of the Budget
10:12 National Council on Social Security System Reform
10:46 Meets with the Liaison Council of Municipalities in Nemuro Subprefecture for the Development of Regions near the Northern Territories
11:04 Mr. Masato Kidera and Mr. Uichiro Niwa, New and Old Ambassador for China; and Mr. Jiro Kodera, Ambassador for Saudi Arabia
11:26 Parliament
11:39 Signing ceremony for election cooperation with People’s New Party
11:49 Office
11:54 Interview with Bungei Shunju, a Japanese news magazine

12:48 Japan Press Center Building, Tokyo
01:02 Party President Debate hosted by Japan Press Cub
03:41 Offi
04:24 NHK, Shibuya, Tokyo, election broadcast shooting
05:29 Office
06:03 DPJ Headquarters
06:30 Nihon TV news program video shooting
06:54 Residence

December 1, 2012 (SAT)


07:12 Haneda Airport
07:40 Leave the airport on JAL Flight 1161
08:42 Arrive at Hakodate Airport, Hokkaido Prefectur
09:12 Hakodate morning market; Street speech
10:24 In front of Hokuyo Bank Hakodate Goryokaku Branch; Street speech
11:08 Hakodate Airport

12:00 Leave the airport on Hokkaido Air System Fight 244
12:30 Okadama Airport, Sapporo, Hokkaido
12:55 Lunch at Hokkaido Sun Plaza, Sapporo City Kita Ward
01:43 JR Teine Station; Street speech
03:11 In front of Sapporo Chiyoda Building, Sapporo Kita Ward; Street speech
03:43 Tanuki Koji Shopping District; Sapporo City Chuo Ward; Street speech
05:15 Sapporo City Chiroishi Ward, Supermarket “Co-op Sapporo Lucy Store”; Street speech
06:02 JR Shin Sapporo station; Street speech
07:05 Shin Chitose Airport
07:48 Leave the airport on ANA Flight 78
09:04 Arrive at Haneda Airport
09:34 Residence
10:09 Mr. Gemba, Foreign Minister
10:18 Mr. Gemba leaves
10:19 Mr. Gemba; Mr. Morimoto, Defense Minister; Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Yonemura, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management
10:56 Press interview in front of PM residence
11:00 Residence

December 2, 2012 (SUN)


09:27JR Tokyo Station
09:40 Leave the station on Shiosai express train #3
10:08 JR Chiba Station, East Exit; Street speech
11:15 JR Yotsukaido Station, North Exit; Street Speech
11:48 Lunch in a Sushi Restaurant “Mitomo”, Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture

01:58 Kamagaya City, Chiba, Higashi Kamagaya Station; Street Speech
03:09 JR Kashiwa Station; Street speech
04:28 JR Matsudo Station; Street speech
05:53 JR Shinurayasu Station; Street speech
06:59 DPJ Headquarters
07:07 Group interview with Sports Newspapers
08:00 Mr. Koshiishi, DPJ Secretary Genera
08:08 Mr. Okada joins; He is also DPJ election affairs acting director
08:56 Residence

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