Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule Nov 5-11

November 5, 2012 (MON)

* Second Day of the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM9), and Other Activities

Meeting with Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia
Meeting with Prime Minister Tusk of Poland
Meeting with President Van Rompuy of the European Council

National Theater, greeted by President Choummaly of Laos
Summit Photo shooting with
Ceremony to welcome the newly joined members
Meeting with President Aquino of The Philippines
The ASEM First session
Conversation with the press
Dinner party hosted by President Choummaly

November 6, 2012 (TUE)

* Third Day of the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM9), and Other Activities

The ASEM Second Session
Meeting with Prime Minister Yingluck of Thailand

The ASEM Third, Forth, and Fifth Sessions
Meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung of Vietnam
ASEM Closing Ceremony
Meeting with Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt
Meeting with President Chounmmaly of Laos
Press Interview in Hotel Lao Plaza
Stay at Don Chan Villa

November 7, 2012 (WED)


Leave Wattay Airport


02:17 Arrive at Haneda Airport
02:49 Residence
03:43 Office
03:44 Mr. Tatsuo Hirano, Minister for Reconstruction in the Response to the East Japan Earthquake
04:08 Mr. Kenichiro Sasae, Ambassador for the U.S.
04:14 Mr. Tarutoko, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications; Mr. Oshima, Senior Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications; Mr. Inami, Parliamentary Secretary of Internal Affairs and Communications
04:58 Imperial palace, report of return
05:14 Office
05:30 Ceremony to Present the National Honor Award; photo shooting; Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Tanaka, Minister of Education, attend
05:41 Conversation with Ms. Yoshida, recipient of the National Honor Award
05:55 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
06:29 Residence
06:30 Dinner with Ms. Mieko Tanaka, Mr. Tsutomu Hashimoto, and other first term DPJ members
08:31 All leave

November 8, 2012 (THU)


08:24 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; Mr. Mitani and Mr. Ogushi, Special Advisors for PM
09:22 All leave
09:26 Office
10:09 Imperial Palace, Autumn Conferment Ceremony
10:54 Office

12:49 Parliament
12:51 Mr. Maehara, Minister for National Policy
01:02 The Lower House Plenary Session
03:43 Office
04:46 Government Revitalization Unit
04:55 Mr. Naoshima, DPJ Vice President; Ms. Renho, National Campaign Committee Chair; Mr. Mabuchi, DPJ Policy Research Council Chief; and Mr. Ogushi, Special Advisor for PM
04:31 Mr. Naoshima and Mr. Mabuchi leave
04:39 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
06:16 Local Sovereignty Strategy Council
07:09 The Forum for Consultations between the National and Regional Governments
07:31 Residence, dinner with Parliamentary Secretaries of each ministry
09:24 All leave

November 9, 2012 (FRI)


08:20 Parliament
08:26 Ministerial Meeting
08:40 Office
11:20 Mr. Okada, Deputy Prime Minister
11:59 Residence

12:00 Lunch with Mr. Hajime Ishii and other DPJ Upper House Committee Chairs
12:40 Office
02:56 Mr. Ogushi, Special Advisor for PM
03:30 Mr. Ogushi leaves
04:27 Mr. Kawai, Administrative Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
05:03 Mr. Kawai leaves
05:30 Courtesy Call from the Participants of the "Central Asia plus Japan" Dialogue/the Fourth Foreign Ministers Meeting
06:18 Kyodo Press; Party of the Meeting by Managing Editors of the Member Companies of Kyodo News
06:45 Residence
07:00 Dinner with Senior Vice Ministers
08:52 All leave

November 10, 2012 (SAT)

* Visits Fukuoka Prefecture

08:02 Haneda Airport
08:28 Leave Haneda Airport on board of JAL Flight #305
09:56 Arrive at Fukuoka Airport
10:33 Observe Kawabata shopping district, Fukuoka city, Hakata Ward; Mr. Suzuki, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General, accompanies
11:05 Conversation with shop owners
11:30 Press interview
11:35 Lunch at a ramen shop “Fuubi”
11:57 Fukuoka Fashion Building

01:06 DPJ Policy Progress Report session meeting
02:56 Meeting ends
03:09 Fukuoka Airport
04:15 Leave the airport on board of JAL Flight #322
05:25 Arrive at Haneda Airport
06:23 Residence

November 11, 2012 (SUN)


09:59 Shinjuku Koko Kara Hiroba
10:16 Reading session for children at Children Center; Mayor Hiroko Nakayama of Shinjuku-ward, accompany
10:27 Conversation with parents
10:55 Observe Koko Kara Festival
11:12 Press interview
11:37 Residence

07:03 Mr. Koshiishi, DPJ Secretary-General
08:02 Mr. Koshiishi leaves

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