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Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule August 27-September 2

August 27, 2012 (MON)


07:31 Mr. Nagahama, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor for PM
08:19 Both leave
08:48 Parliament
09:00 The Upper House Budget Committee

12:01 Office
01:07 Mr. Furukawa, Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy; and Mr. Ogushi, Parliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet Office
01:20 Mr. Furukawa leaves
01:34 Mr. Ogushi leaves
02:58 Mr. Matsubara, Minister of State for the Abduction Issues; and Mr. Mitani, Director, Headquarters for the Abduction Issue
03:15 Mr. Gemba, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Morimoto, Minister of Defense; Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary; Mr. Nagashima, Special Advisor for PM; Mr. Ihara, Director General, North America Bureau, MoFA; and Mr. Nishi, Director General of Defense Policy Bureau, MoD
03:57 Mr. Morimoto, Mr. Fujimura, Mr. Nagashima, Mr. Nishi, and Mr. Ihara leave
04:00 Mr. Gemba leaves
04:17 Mr. Okada, Deputy Prime Minister
04:34 Mr. Kawabata, Minister of Internal Affairs; Mr. Fujimura; Mr. Goto, Senior Vice Minister of Cabinet Office; and Mr. Inami, Parliamentary Secretary of Internal Affairs
04:55 Mr. Tezuka
05:30 Mr. Tezuka leaves
07:06 NHK, in Jin Nan, Tokyo
07:30 TV Broadcast
08:20 Residence

August 28, 2012 (TUE)


08:16 Office
08:26 Ministerial meeting
08:41 Ministerial Council on Monthly Economic Report and Other Relative Issues
09:02 Meeting adjourns
10:02 Mr. Koshiishi, Secretary General of DPJ
10:57 Mr. Nakagawa, Minister of Disaster Prevention
11:30 Ms. Maya Yamazaki, DPJ Lower House member, representative of Female Diet Members’ Network for protecting Children’s Future; and Mr. Honda, Special Advisor for PM
11:55 Residence; Lunch with Mr. Yosano, Former Minsiter of Economy, Trade, and Industry; Mr. Fujii, DPJ Tax Research Council Chief; and Mr. Keisuke Tsumura, Lower House member

12:51 Parliament
12:53 Ms. Makiko Tanaka, DPJ Lower House member
12:55 Mr. Higashi, New Komei Party Vice President
01:01 Lower House Plenary Session
01:54 Office
04:26 Mr. Tanaka, DPJ Vice President
04:54 Mr. Sasae, Administrative Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Mr. Sugiyama, Director General of Asia Pacific Bureau
05:30 Receives a Proposal from the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) JAPAN; Mr. Yoshinori Komamura, Japanese Representative for ABAC and Vice President of Komatsu
05:44 Mr. Fukano, Director-General of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency; and Mr. Yonemura, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management
06:20 Mr. Tezuka
07:02 Dinner with Mr. Hiroki Hanasaki and Mr. Makoto Yamazaki, DPJ Lower House members; and Mr. Tezuka
09:15 Office

August 29, 2012 (WED)

09:45 Office
10:15 Mr. Azumi, Minister of Finance; and Mr. Kinoshita, Director General of Budget Bureau, Ministry of Finance
11:00 Courtesy call from Mr. Djoko Suyanto, Minister for Lega, Political, and Security Affairs
11:23 Meeting ends

02:57 Parliament
03:00 Mr. Koshiishi; and Mr. Tarutoko, Acting DPJ Secretary General; Mr. Takagi, Chair of Election Affairs Council
03:51 Office
04:51 Parliament
05:01 Upper House Plenary Session
05:14 Leave in the middle
05:17 Office
05:20 Mr. Tezuka
05:56 Parliament
06:02 Upper House Plenary Session
07:08 Residence

August 30, 2012 (THU)

09:33 Office
09:50 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
10:18 Mr. Saito leaves
10:57 Mr. Jojima, DPJ Parliamentary Affairs Council Chief
11:27 Mr. Taketoshi, Deputy Cabinet Secretary
11:38 Mr. Taketoshi leaves

02:00 Mr. Yukito Minowa, Fuji TV Broadcasting Bureau Chief
02:07 Mr. Minowa leaves
03:16 Mr. Furukawa, Minister of State for National Policy
03:21 Mr. Ogushi, Parliamentary Secretary of Cabinet Office, joins
03:39 Both leave
04:43 Mr. Gemba, Mr. Sasae, and Mr. Nagashima
04:56 Mr. Nagashima leaves
05:09 Mr. Gemba and Mr. Sasae leave
05:11 The Forum for Consultations between the National and Regional Governments
05:20 Mr. Tezuka
05:46 Mr. Yoko Hashimoto, Representative of International Women’s Year Liaison Group; and Ms. Tomiko Okazaki, DPJ Upper House member
06:01 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
06:58 Residence

August 31, 2012 (FRI)

07:54 Office
08:02 Ministerial meeting on budget formulation
08:15 Ministerial meeting
08:44 Mr. Okada, Deputy Prime Minister
09:07 Mr. Okada leaves
10:30 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
11:00 Mr. Yoshiaki Takagi, DPJ Lower House member and representative of Basic Act on Ocean Policy Study Group
11:15 Mr. Okada; Mr. Ogushi, Parliamentary Secretary of Cabinet Office; Mr. Katori, Director-General for Policy Planning, Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare
11:21 All leave

03:00 Mr. Sugiyama, Director-General of Asia Pacific Bureau, MoFA
03:52 Mr. Nagashima, Special Advisor for PM
04:06 Mr. Tezuka
05:12 Funeral
05:41 Office
06:23 Residence

September 1, 2012 (SAT) *Disaster Prevention Day training and ceremony

07:21 Office
08:00 Mr. Okada; Mr. Fujimura; Mr. Nakagawa, Minister of Disaster Prevention
08:10 Ad-hoc ministerial meeting for comprehensive disaster prevention drills
08:13 Emergency Disaster Response Headquarters meeting
08:50 Press conference
09:05 Second meeting of Emergency Disaster Response Headquarters
09:32 Meeting ends
10:08 Front yard at the Diet
10:10 Leave the Diet on SDF Helicopter
10:21 Arrive at Yokohama Marine Disaster Prevention Base
10:24 Observe the special service vessel The Hashidate of the Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF); Mr. Kawabata, Minister of Internal Affairs; Mr. Hata, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation; Mr. Morimoto, Minister of Defense; and Mr. Nakagawa, Minister of Disaster Prevention
10:32 Leave the base on the special service vessel;
10:55 Arrive at the training center; Governor Yuji Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture and Mayor Fumiko Yokohama of Yokohama greet; observe the training
11:35 Press interview

12:00 Deliver an address at the training closing ceremony
12:24 Yokohama Disaster Prevention Base Heliport
12:26 Leave the base on SDF helicopter
12:38 Office
01:13 Aoyama Funeral Home; Farewell ceremony for late Yoshiji Miyata, the Second Director of Matsushita School for Politics and Management
01:40 Residence

September 2, 2012 (SUN)



01:54 Attend “Rescue all the abductees! National Grand Assembly”; gave remarks
02:44 Residence
05:16 Mr. Fujimura
05:51 Mr. Edano, Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry; Mr. Hosono, Minister of Environment; Mr. Furukawa, Minister of National Strategy; Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Takahara, Director-General, Agency for Natural resources and Energy
06:24 All leave
06:25 Mr. Okada and Mr. Azumi
06:59 Both leave
07:03 Study group on energy policy
09:02 Study group ends
09:04 Mr. Gemba, Mr. Edano, and Mr. Furukawa
09:36 All leave

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