Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule August 20-26

August 20, 2012 (MON) 

09:30 Office

12:02 Government-DPJ Top executive meeting
01:57 The meeting ends
02:10 Video message recording for APEC CEO Summit
02:21 Recording ends
03:14 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
04:01 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
04:30 Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor for PM
05:27 Ceremony to Present the Certificate of Honor to the Members of the Japanese National Team of the London 2012 Games of the XXX Olympiad
06:59 Dinner with Mr. Tezuka at a Chinese Restaurant Iwaen, Akasaka, Tokyo

August 21, 2012 (TUE) 

09:26 Office
09:36 Ministerial meeting on the territorial issue of Takeshima
10:01 Ministerial meeting
10:16 Mr. Hirano, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
10:20 Mr. Gemba, Minister of Foreign Affairs
10:23 Mr. Gemba leaves
11:49 Mr. Tatsuo Hirano, Minister for Reconstruction in the Response to the East Japan Earthquake; Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary; Mr. Saito

12:27 All leave
02:02 Mr. Kozo Watanabe, DPJ Lower House member; Other DPJ Diet members from Fukushima Prefecture; Mr. Saito attends; and Mr. Honda, Special Advisor for PM, attends
02:27 Mr. Edano, Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
02:43 Mr. Maehara, DPJ Policy Research Council Chief
03:04 Mr. Kanazawa, Administrative Vice Minister of Defense
03:33 Mr. Hosono, Minister of Environment; and Mr. Saito
04:01 Mr. Yonemura, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management; and Mr. Kitamura
05:00 Mr. Tezuka
05:30 Mr. Tezuka leaves
06:03 Conversation with beat reporters
06:59 Residence

August 22, 2012 (WED)

07:56 Mr. Tadashi Okamura, Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce; Breakfast with Mr. Fujio Mitarai, President and CEO of Cannon; Mr. Jiro Ushio, Chairman of Ushio Inc.; Mr. Motoyuki Oka, Chairman of Sumitomo Corp; and Mr. Yoshihiko Miyauchi, President and CEO of Olix Group, at Hotel the Prince Park Tower Tokyo
09:26 Office
09:41 Mr. Taketoshi, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
10:01 Mr. Saito
10:15 Mr. Ssato leaves

12:03 Government-DPJ Top executive meeting
12:53 Meeting ends
02:01 Meets with Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, anti-nuclear Citizens’ Groups and Others
02:31 Meeting ends
03:31 Mr. Tadashi Okamura, Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce; and others
03:51 Mr. Okamura, leaves
04:52 Mr. Sasae, Administrative Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
05:50 Mr. Tezuka
06:20 Mr. Tezuka leaves
06:57 Dinner with Mr. Yoshio Okubo, President of Nihon TV; and Mr. Azumi, Minister of Finance, at Japanese Restaurant Nadaman, in the Imperial Hotel
09:34 Residence

August 23, 2012 (THU) 

09:32 Office
09:40 Mr. Saito; and Mr. Tezuka
11:09 Both leave

12:51 Parliament
12:59 Lower House Budget Committee
05:49 Office
06:00 Mr. Tezuka
06:22 Ambassador Roos of the U.S.; Mr. Baucus, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee; Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary; Mr. Nagahama, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Nagashima, Special Advisor for PM
06:35 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
07:02 Residence
07:03 Mr. Kawabata, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications; Mr. Hirano, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; and Mr. Nagahama
08:45 Mr. Hirano leaves
09:05 Mr. Kawabata; and Mr. Nagahama leave

August 24, 2012 (FRI)

07:31 Mr. Nagahama; and Mr. Tezuka
08:16 Parliament
08:25 Ministerial meeting
08:36 Mr. Gemba; and Mr. Fujimura
08:46 Office
09:24 Parliament
09:42 Lower House Finance and Monetary committee
11:29 Office

12:04 Parliament
12:12 Lower House Plenary Session
12:37 Office
12:40 Mr. Okada, Deputy Prime Minister
12:51 Parliament
01:00 Upper House Budget Committee
05:10 Office
05:22 Mr. Saito and Mr. Nagashima
06:00 Press conference
06:46 The Council on National Strategy and Policy Meeting
07:42 Residence

August 25, 2012 (SAT) 

11:56 Lunch with Mr. Nobuaki Koga, President of Rengo(Federation of Labour Unions), at Japanese Restaurant Wadakura, at Palace Hotel Tokyo

01:19 Residence

August 26, 2012 (SUN)


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