Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule February 13-19

February 13, 2012 (MON)


07:16 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
08:00 Mr. Tezuka leaves
08:22 Mr. Saito leaves
08:50 Parliament
08:59 The Lower House Budget Committee

12:07 Office of PM
02:00 Mr. Norio Kanno, Mayor of Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture
05:03 Mr. Fujita, Senior Vice Minister of Finance; and Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
05:50 Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
06:23 Residence of PM

February 14, 2012 (TUE)


09:22 Office of PM
09:32 Ministerial meeting
09:53 Mr. Fujii, DPJ Head of Tax Research Commission
10:15 Mr. Maehara, chairperson of DPJ Policy Research Council
10:43 Courtesy call from H. E. Dr.Ir.Ginandjar Kartasasmita, Member, Presidential Advisory Board
11:14 Mr. Sasae, Administrative Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
11:34 Mr. Sasae leaves

01:10 Mr. Okada, Deputy Prime Minister
01:32 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
02:27 Mr. Furukawa, Minister of State for the New Public Commons
02:56 Mr. Furukawa leaves
04:09 Mr. Nishimiya, Foreign Ministry councilor in charge of economics
04:40 Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
05:24 Reconstruction Promotion Council
05:52 The council adjourned
06:49 Residence of PM

February 15, 2012 (WED)


07:53 Breakfast with Mr. Homei Shirakawa, Governor of the Bank of Japan
08:42 Parliament
09:00 The Lower House budget Committee.

12:10 Office of PM
12:51 Parliament
01:00 The Lower House Budget Committee
02:10 Office of PM
04:29 Mr. Azumi, Minister of Finance; and Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary
05:07 Both leave
06:05 Mr. Yukio Endo, Mayor of Kawauchi Village, Fukushima Prefecture, Mr. Honda, Special Advisor to PM also attended
06:41 Mr. Ehud Barak, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Israel, Mr. Nagashima, Special Advisor to PM also participated
07:26 Residence of PM

February 16, 2012 (THU)


09:28 The Lower House First Diet Members’ Building
09:30 Dentist inside the building
09:51 Office of PM
10:08 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
10:40 Mr. Matsumoto, Administrative Vice Minister of the Cabinet Office
10:55 Mr. Matsumoto leaves

01:51 Mr. Takeshi Nakane, Ambassador to Germany; and Mr. Yu Tsuji, Ambassador to Croatia
02:23 Video Recording of the Prime Minister's Message on the Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Taxation Systems
02:50 Recoding ends
04:31 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office; and Mr. Mukuki, Director of the Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center
04:55 Mr. Kitamura leaves
05:00 Mr. Mukuki leaves
05:17 Ministerial Council on Monthly Economic Report and Other Relative Issues
05:33 Mr. Kawabata, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs; and Mr. Goto, Senior Vice Minister of Cabinet Office
05:53 Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
06:22 Three DPJ/Government Executive Meeting
07:15 The meeting adjourned
07:41 Residence of PM

February 17, 2012 (FRI)


06:46 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; and Mr. Tezuka, Special Advisor to PM
07:52 Mr. Tezuka leaves
08:07 Mr. Saito leaves
10:00 Parliament
10:16 Ministerial meeting
10:58 The Lower House Budget Committee

12:12 Imperial Palace, a get-well will for the Emperor
12:22 Parliament
12:59 The Lower House Budget Committee
05:04 Office of PM
05:23 Mr. Nakaima, Governor of Okinawa, The Prime Minister Receives a Request from the Council for Promotion of Dezoning and Reutilization of Military Land in Okinawa
06:01 Ceremony to Present the Award of Japan for Crafting
08:28 NHK, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan, Tokyo
09:00 Appear on a broadcasting show
10:01 Residence of PM

February 18, 2012 (SAT)


11:03 Mr. Matsubara, Minister for the Abduction Issue

12:00 Mr. Matsubara leaves

February 19, 2012 (SUN)


10:31 Courtesy call from high school students from six schools in the Tohoku region, Mr. Terada, Special Advisor, also attends
11:00 Press interviews
11:58 Capitol Hotel Tokyu, Japanese restaurant “Suiren”, lunch with Jiro Ushio, Chairman of Ushio Inc.; Mr. Hiroya Masuda, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication, Mr. Takeshi Sasaki, Professor at Gakushuin University.

01:13 Capitol Bar, Mr. Yasutomo Suzuki, Mayor of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture
01:43 Residence of PM
05:53 The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, attends inauguration ceremony of “Japan Akedemeia”
07:05 Residence of PM

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