Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Smith College in Asia

Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts is one of the famous Seven Sisters on the forefront of women's education. Smith was the college of Gloria Steinem, Nancy Reagan, Sally Quinn, and countless other trouble-makers and doers.

President Carol T. Christ will travel to Asia in November to celebrate Smith College's longstanding ties to Asia. She will be in Tokyo (9), Seoul (11), Hong Kong (13), Singapore (17), Mumbai (19), and Delhi (23).

On this special six-city tour, President Christ will outline her vision for making Smith the college of choice for exceptional young women from around the world. Learn about Smith's international heritage, the important role Asia will play in Smith's future, and how Smith intends to educate today's students to be the global leaders of tomorrow.

Each event will include a panel discussion with prominent local alumnae who will reflect on how Smith prepared them for life beyond the Grécourt Gates. Topics include:
  • women's role in the new world economy
  • the relevance of a US education in today's global community
  • how a liberal arts education makes better scientists and engineers
  • the role alumnae activists have played in Asia
We encourage all APP members and blog readers to attend one of these talks!

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