Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kyoto Conference - November 4

Can Asia Save the World Economy?

Since the ‘Lehman Shock’, the world economy has been in a state of depression, and the Japanese economy has suffered from a strong yen, low stock prices, and high unemployment rates. The U.S.-Japan Research Institute, an APP member, hosts  an international symposium commemorating the APEC forum being held in Japan. Speakers, from private companies and universities both in and outside Japan  will discuss the the Asia-Pacific region and propose solutions for improving their economies.

Thursday, November 4, 2010 2:40-6:15pm (Registration Opens 2:00pm)

Venue Soushikan Conference Hall, Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University,
                  56-1 Toji-in Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Supported by :

Keio University, Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University,
The University of Tokyo, Waseda University

Admission FREE, Simultaneous interpretation provided



 MC: Katsuichi Uchida, USJI President, Vice President, Waseda University

 2:40 pm - Speech from the chair
         Junichi Mori
             USJI Vice chair, Vice President, Kyoto University

 2:50 pm - Panel Discussion (Session 1) : Economic Network in Asia and its Economic

         Moderator: Ryuhei Wakasugi
          Professor, Kyoto University

          Nobuhiko Hibara

          USJI Operating Adviser, Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University

          Takehiko Inoue
             Panasonic Corporation

          Kouhei Shiino
             Japan External Trade Organization: JETRO

          Shinsaku Sugiyama
             Professor, Ritsumeikan University

 4:20 pm - Panel Discussion (Session 2) :APEC, East Asia Consortium and Global Imbalance

          Moderator: Keiji Nakatsuji
             USJI Operating Adviser, Professor, Ritsumeikan University

           Randall Henning

           Peterson Institute for International Economics: IIE,
               Professor, American University, United States

           Nobuhiro Hiwatari
            Professor, The University of Tokyo

           Masayuki Tadokoro
               Professor, Keio University

           Shujiro Urata
                Professor, Waseda University

           Xiaopeng Yin
                Associate Professor, University of International
                Business & Economics, China

   5:45 pm - Commemorative Speech
         Han Sung-Joo
             Ex-Foreign Minister, Republic of Korea,
             Professor Emeritus, Korea University

 6:10 pm - Closing Remarks

             Cassim Monte

             USJI Vice Chair, Vice Chancellor, Ritsumeikan University

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