Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The History Issues

APP Member, Lester Tenney is in Japan this week leading the first group of American former POWs of Japan on a trip of remembrance and friendship. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the men, their caregivers, and two descendants on a new program for American POWs.

Japan's Foreign Minister personally apologized to the POWs for their "inhumane treatment." This was a historic first. A Reuters video of Dr. Tenney describing his feelings about the apology and the humiliation he still felt because that the Japanese companies that used and abused the POWs have not apologized can be found HERE.

APP Director Mindy Kotler was interviewed by Feature Story on the importance of the apology and its historic significance, HERE

This week in Washington will also see two important meetings on the Northeast Asian history issues.

HISTORY AND ASIA: POLICY INSIGHTS AND LEGAL PERSPECTIVES. 9/17, 9:00am-5:00pm, luncheon; Washington, DC. Sponsor: CSIS. Speakers: Victor Cha, CSIS Korea Chair and Director of Asian Studies, Georgetown University; Jae-jeong Chung, President of Northeast Asian History Foundation; Jin-Hyun Paik, Judge, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, and Professor of Law, Seoul National University; James Feinerman, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center; Jon Van Dyke, Professor of Law, University of Hawaii; Tae-Hyung Kim, Associate Professor of FIELD, Daemen College; David Kang, Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California; John Perry, Director, Maritime Studies Program, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; Charles Norchi, Professor of Law and Director of Marine Law Institute, University of Maine; Myron Nordquist, Professor and Associate Director, Center for Oceans Law and Policy; Seokwoo Lee, Professor of Law, Inha University; Katrin Katz, Consultant and former National Security Council Official; Alexis Dudden, Professor of History, University of Connecticut; Michael Green, CSIS Japan Chair and Associate Professor of International Relations, Georgetown University; Ina Masaki, Professor of Law, International Christian University, Tokyo; Wang Hanling, Professor of International Law and Marine Affairs, Chinese Academy of Social Science, Beijing.

GUESTS OF THE EMPEROR: THE SECRET HISTORY OF JAPAN'S MUKDEN POW CAMP. 9/17, Noon-1:00pm, Washington, DC. Sponsor: United States Navy Memorial. Speaker: Author Linda Goetz Holmes will present her new book, Guests of the Emperor, followed by Q&A and a book signing. She examines Japan's largest fixed military prison camp where Mitsubishi's huge factory complex at Mukden, Manchuria operated with more than 2,000 American prisoners who were subjected to cold, starvation, beatings, and even medical experiments, while manufacturing parts for Zero fighter planes. Followed by a wreathlaying at the Navy Memorial for National POW/MIA Day.

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