Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Obama bump

2010 Pew Global Attitudes Survey: Obama More Popular Abroad Than At Home, Global Image of U.S. Continues to Benefit, The Pew Research Foundation, June 21, 2010.

This year's survey was conducted from April 7 to May 8, 2010, in 22 nations with over 24,000 individuals participating.

The US continues to have a favorable image in Asia. China in particular held significantly more favorable views compared with 2009, jumping from 47% to 58%. In the same period, ratings in Japan also rose from 59% to 66%, and for South Korea 78% to 79%.

Economically, there was gloom across the board, with the exception of China, India, and Brazil. The survey also indicated that a growing number of people view China as overtaking the US in terms of economic power (but not in military power).

The surveys in China were disproportionately done in urban areas (the sample was 67% urban, whereas China’s population is only 43% urban).

Text (176 pages); Report Overview (10 pages)

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