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This Week in Washington, December 17, 2018

The member's only Asia Policy Calendar is on hiatus until January 7, 2019.

Here are a few Washington events this coming week. Congress will be in session this week in order to vote on funding bill to keep the government running past Friday, December 21.


CHINA'S BELT AND ROAD IN CONTEXT. 12/17, 10:00am-Noon. Sponsor: Heritage. Speakers: Daniel Kliman, Senior Fellow, Asia-Pacific Security Program, Center for New American Security (CNAS); Yun Sun, Co-Director of East Asia Program, Director of China Program, Stimson; Jeff M. Smith, Research Fellow, South Asia, Heritage; moderator, Walter Lohman, Director, Asian Studies Center, Heritage.

OUTLOOK FOR THE GLOBAL TRADING SYSTEM AND THE WTO. 12/17, 12:15-1:30pm. Sponsor: Peterson Institute. Speaker: Alan Wm. Wolff, Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization.

BUILDING TRUST THROUGH MUSIC DIPLOMACY ON KOREA PENINSULA. 12/17, 5:00-8:00pm. Sponsor: National Committee on North Korea; GWU Institute for Korean Studies. Speaker: Hyung Joon Won, South Korean violinist; Moderator: Jisoo M. Kim, Director, GW Institute for Korean Studies. 


AWIC AND FUTURE FORCE DESIGN. 12/18, 9:30-10:30am. Sponsors: Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, Air Force Associations. Speakers: Maj Gen Clint Crosier, USAF, Director, Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability.

U.S. CHINA 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW: A NEW COLD WAR? 12/18, 10:30am-Noon. Sponsor: Kissinger Institute, Wilson Center. Speakers: Amb. J. Stapleton Roy, Kissinger Institute; Meredith Oyen, UMBC; Robert Daly, Kissinger Institute; Yun Sun, The Stimson Center, Moderated by Katie Stallard-Blanchette, History and Public Policy Program.


INNOVATION, PARTNERSHIP, AND SELF-RELIANCE: HEALTH POLICY LESSONS FROM INDIA’S BIHAR STATE. 12/19, 8:00am-1:30pm. Sponsors: CSIS; CARE. Speakers: Sara M. Allinder, Executive Director, Senior Fellow, Global Health Policy Center, CSIS; Sushil Kumar Modi, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Bihar; Usha Kiran, India Country Lead, State Health and Community Systems, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Mangal Pandey, Health Minister, Government of Bihar; Hemant Shah, Chief of Party, Bihar Technical Support Program; Heather Higginbottom, Chief Operating Officer, CARE; Sanjay Kumar, Principal Health Secretary, Government of Bihar; Kenney Ng, Manager, Health Analytics Research Group, IBM; Macon Phillips, Chief Digital Officer, CARE; Gary Darmstadt, Associate Dean for Maternal and Child Health, Stanford University School of Medicine; Kerry Pelzman, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Global Health, USAID; J. Stephen Morrison, Senior Vice President and Director; Global Health Policy Center, CSIS.

WHEN GIANTS QUARREL: THIRD COUNTRY REACTIONS TO THE US-CHINA TRADE DISPUTES. 12/19, 9:00-10:30am. Sponsor: Global Business Dialogue. Speakers: Elisabeth Bowes, Embassy of Australia; Shige Watanabe, Embassy of Japan; Tami Overby, McLarty Associates; Philip Houlding, Embassy of New Zealand.

COMPARATIVE MISSILE BALANCE IN EAST ASIA. 12/19, Noon-1:30pm. Sponsor: Global Taiwan Institute (GTI). Speakers: Brendan Mulvaney, Director, China Aerospace Studies Institute, National Defense University, Former Director of the Commandant’s Red Team, USMC; Rick Fisher, Senior Fellow, Asian Military Affairs, International Assessment and Strategy Center; Eric Gomez, Policy Analyst for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, Cato; moderator, David An, Senior Research Fellow, GTI, Former Political-military Affairs Officer, US State Department.

DENIED FROM THE START: HUMAN RIGHTS AT THE LOCAL LEVEL IN NORTH KOREA. 12/19, 2:00-4:00pm. Sponsor: Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK). Speakers: Robert Collins, Author; David Maxwell, Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Board Member, HRNK; Jung Pak, Senior Fellow and SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies, Brookings; Moderator: Greg Scarlatoiu, Executive Director, HRNK. 130-page report.

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