Sunday, August 30, 2015

Monday in Washington, August 31, 2015

This week Washington is slowly come back to work. The President is in Alaska and the rest of Washington is being entertained by Donald Trump. When Congress returns on September 8th things will get serious. The APP newsletter, for members, will also return at that time.

MONITORING THE IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL. 8/31, 8:30-11:30am, Arlington, VA. Sponsor: The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA). Speakers: Joe DeTrani, President of INSA; Mark Lowenthal, President of the Intelligence and Security Academy.

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ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING FOR DEFENSE AND AEROSPACE. 8/31-9/2, Springfield, VA. Sponsor: Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA). Speakers include: Mike Daly, Chief Technology Officer at Raytheon; Paul Bates, Lead 3D Printing Development Engineer at Underwriters Laboratories.

KISSINGER'S SHADOW: THE LONG REACH OF AMERICA'S MOST CONTROVERSIAL STATESMAN. 8/31, 7:00pm, Washington, DC. Sponsor: Politics and Prose Bookstore. Speaker: Author Greg Grandin, Professor of History at New York University.

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