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Prime Minister of Japan’s Schedule August 11-17, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014


12:00 At holiday home (no visitors)
08:00 At holiday home in Narusawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture (no morning visitors)
Stay at holiday home throughout morning (no visitors)

01:31 Depart from holiday home
02:59 Arrive at private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo
05:41 Depart from private residence
05:58 Arrive at Lower House 1st Diet Members’ Meeting Hall. Receive dental examination at dentist’s office inside hall
06:37 Depart from meeting hall
06:48 Arrive at yakiniku restaurant Ryugetsuen in Yotsuya, Tokyo. Dinner meeting with Jiji Press Commentary Committee member Kato Kiyotaka, Kaetsu University professor Takahashi Yoichi, political journalist Suenobu Yoshimasa and his colleagues
08:57 Depart from restaurant
09:14 Arrive at private residence

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


12:00 At private residence (no visitors)
08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo (no morning visitors)
08:04 Depart from private residence
08:38 Arrive at Haneda Airport
08:40 Speak with Director-General of LDP Election Strategy Committee Kawamura Takeo in Haneda Airport’s VIP room
08:50 Finish speaking with Mr. Kawamura
09:08 Depart from Haneda Airport on ANA Flight 631
10:22 Arrive at Iwakuni Airport, reception by Mayor of Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Iwakuni City Fukuda Yoshihiko
10:32 Speak with President of Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly Yanai Shungaku
10:45 Finish speaking with Mr. Yanai
10:46 Depart from airport
11:48 Arrive at former Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture, the late Yamamoto Shigetaro’s house in Yanai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Perform condolence call. Mr. Yanai accompanies
11:57 Depart from the late Mr. Yamamoto’s house

12:22 Arrive at Kishi family gravesite in Tabuse Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Visit the grave of Mr. Abe’s grandfather and former Prime Minister Kishi Nobusuke and others. Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Kishi Nobuo and LDP Upper House member Kitamura Tsuneo accompany
12:45 Depart from Kishi family gravesite
01:24 Arrive at restaurant Torian in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Lunch with President of Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly Mr. Yanai and Vice-President Hatahara Motonari
02:06 Depart from restaurant
03:04 Arrive at former President of Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly, the late Shimada Akira’s house in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Attend Mr. Shimada’s memorial service at nearby Zenshoji Temple
03:31 Depart from Zenshoji Temple
04:52 Visit authorized supporters’ groups and houses of supporters in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Make rounds to supporters
05:50 Finish making rounds
06:01 Arrive at Takenaka Dental Clinic in Shimonoseki City. Receive dental examination
06:16 Depart from Takenaka Dental Clinic
06:25 Arrive at personal residence in Shimonoseki City
07:46 Depart from personal residence
08:03 Arrive at Iminomiya Shrine in Shimonoseki City. Attend festival with wife Akie, parade
08:43 Depart from Iminomiya Shrine
09:04 Arrive at restaurant specializing in cooking using chicken Kinkei [鶏料理専門店「金鶏」]. Dinner with wife Akie, President of a supporters’ group Ito Akio and colleagues
09:50 Depart from restaurant
09:59 Arrive at personal residence

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


12:00 At personal residence (no visitors)
08:00 At personal residence in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (no morning visitors)
09:02 Depart from personal residence
09:10 Arrive at former Shimonoseki City Manager’s house in Shimonoseki City, perform condolence call
09:20 Depart from former Shimonoseki City Manager’s house
09:28 Perform condolence calls at former President of Shimonoseki City Council, the late Ohama Toshiaki’s house and his supporters’ houses
11:42 Finish condolence calls
11:44 Arrive at Chofu shopping street in Shimonoseki City. Take commemorative photo with local residents
11:57 Arrive at okonomiyaki restaurant Hirata in Shimonoseki City on foot. Lunch with secretaries

12:26 Depart from restaurant on foot
12:27 Walk along Chofu shopping street
12:42 Finish walking along the street
12:43 Depart from Chofu shopping street
12:44 Arrive at Keiyuen Chofu Seisakusho Memorial Hall in Shimonoseki City. Reception by Chofu Seisakusho’s Chairman Kawakami Yasuo and President Hashimoto Kazuhiro. Browse Keiyuen Chofu Seisakusho Memorial Hall
01:12 Interview open to all media: When asked about “the GDP of the past 4-6 month periods having gone down in annual rate by 6.8% from the previous period” Mr. Abe answers “While calmly performing economic assessments, I want to firmly deal with the situation, and be absolutely sure of a return to a trajectory of economic growth.”
01:14 Interview ends
01:24 Depart from Keiyuen Chofu Seisakusho Memorial Hall
01:50 Perform condolence calls to the houses of supporters and others in Shimonoseki City
02:54 Finish performing condolence calls
02:58 Visit Sumiyoshi Shrine in Shimonoseki City and take a commemorative photo with supporters
03:14 Finish shrine visit
03:15 Depart from Sumiyoshi Shrine
03:30 Arrive at a supporter’s house in Shimonoseki City and perform condolence call
03:42 Depart from supporter’s house
03:49 Arrive at President of a supporters’ group Ito Akio’s house. Informal talk with Mr. Ito
04:13 Depart from Mr. Ito’s house
04:22 Arrive at former Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly member, the late Ito Hiroshi’s house. Perform condolence call
04:36 Depart from the late Ito Hiroshi’s house
04:46 Arrive at the house of person associated with supporters’ group. Perform condolence call
04:52 Depart from associated person’s house
04:54 Arrive at a supporter from Shimonoseki City’s house. Perform condolence call
05:33 Depart from supporter’s house
05:52 Arrive at personal residence
06:34 Depart from personal residence
06:45 Arrive at Yamagin Archive in Shimonoseki City. Reception by President of Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd. Fukuda Koichi. Browse archive with wife Akie
07:09 Depart from Yamagin Archive
07:11 Arrive at Kanmon Straits fireworks display grounds, deliver address. Admire fireworks display with wife Akie
08:17 Depart from fireworks display grounds
08:20 Arrive at restaurant Wine Bar NARROW in Shimonoseki City
08:26 Depart from restaurant
08:40 Arrive at yakiniku restaurant Ariran in Shimonoseki City. Dinner with Akie, friends and secretaries
09:40 Depart from yakiniku restaurant
10:00 Arrive at personal residence

Thursday, August 14, 2014


12:00 At personal residence (no visitors)
08:00 At personal residence in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (no morning visitors)
09:28 Depart from personal residence
09:38 Perform condolence calls to houses of Mr. Abe’s office staff and supporters
11:06 Finish performing condolence calls
11:27 Arrive at personal residence

12:17 Speak with Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly member Kasamoto Toshiya
12:20 Finish speaking with Mr. Kasamoto
12:21 Depart from personal residence
01:31 Arrive at a supporter’s house in Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, perform condolence call
01:46 Depart from supporter’s house
02:01 Perform condolence call at house of former Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly Member and supporter, the late Saiki Toshihiko
04:13 Finish condolence call
04:15 Arrive at Abe family gravesite in Nagato City. Visit the graves of Mr. Abe’s father and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Abe Shintaro and others with wife Akie
04:26 Depart from Abe family gravesite
06:04 Arrive at Yamaguchi Ube Airport
06:25 Meet with Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture Muraoka Tsugumasa in a special room of the airport
06:57 End meeting with Mr. Muraoka
07:18 Depart from airport with wife Akie on JAL Flight 1648
08:40 Arrive at Haneda Airport
08:52 Depart from airport
09:20 Arrive at private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo

Friday, August 15, 2014


12:00 At private residence (no visitors)
08:00 At private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo (no morning visitors)
08:30 Depart from private residence
48 seconds and he's done
08:46 Arrive at office
08:51 Meet with Director of Cabinet Intelligence Kitamura Shigeru
09:21 End meeting with Mr. Kitamura
09:40 Meet with Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Motegi Toshimitsu and Commissioner of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Ueda Takayuki
10:00 End meeting with Mr. Motegi and Mr. Ueda
10:03 Cabinet Meeting begins
10:24 Cabinet Meeting ends
What must they be thinking
10:28 Meet with Minister for Foreign Affairs Kishida Fumio and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)’s Director-General of Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau Ihara Junichi
10:48 End meeting with Mr. Kishida and Mr. Ihara
10:49 Speak with Special Advisor to President of the LDP Hagiuda Koichi
10:50 Finish speaking with Mr. Hagiuda
10:51 Speak with LDP Toyama Prefecture Branch children’s writing contest top contestants Kuwana Akinori and others
11:00 Finish speaking with writing contest’s top contestants
11:01 Receive courtesy call from Japan’s representative team in ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest
11:10 Courtesy call ends
11:17 Depart from office
11:24 Arrive at Chidorigafuchi Cemetery for war dead in Sanban-cho, Tokyo. Offer flowers
11:28 Depart from Chidorigafuchi Cemetery
11:33 Arrive at Nippon Budokan (Japan Martial Arts Hall) in Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo
11:51 Memorial Ceremony for the War Dead

12:52 Memorial Ceremony for the War Dead ends
12:54 Depart from Nippon Budokan
01:02 Arrive at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu in Nagata-cho, Tokyo. Dinner with secretaries at restaurant ORIGAMI inside hotel
01:57 Depart from hotel
02:13 Arrive at private residence
02:43 Depart from private residence
04:11 Arrive at holiday home in Narusawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture
06:02 Depart from holiday home
06:11 Arrive at Chinese restaurant Ren in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Dinner with mother Kishi Yoko and secretaries
07:58 Depart from restaurant
08:07 Arrive at holiday home

Saturday, August 16, 2014


12:00 At holiday home (no visitors)
08:00 At holiday home in Narusawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture (no morning visitors)
09:16 Depart from holiday home
09:43 Arrive at Fuji Course golf course in Yamanakako Village, Yamanashi Prefecture. Play golf with secretaries

04:38 Depart from golf course
05:03 Arrive at holiday home
06:04 Depart from holiday home
06:41 Arrive at membership Hotel XIV Yamanakako Sanctuary Villa in Yamanakako Village, Yamanashi Prefecture. Dinner at hotel’s restaurant Il Colone with wife Akie and mother Kishi Yoko
09:11 Depart from hotel
09:43 Arrive at holiday home

Sunday, August 17, 2014


12:00 At holiday home (no visitors)
07:51 Depart from holiday home in Narusawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture
07:55 Arrive at golf course Fujizakura Country Club. Play golf with Chairman of Keidanren (Federation of Economic Organizations) Sakakibara Sadayuki, Chairman and CEO of Canon Mitarai Fujio, and Honorary Executive Consultant of JX Holdings Watari Fumiaki

03:49 Depart from Fujizakura Country Club
03:52 Arrive at holiday home
05:37 Depart from holiday home
05:59 Arrive at Hotel Mt. Fuji in Yamanakako Village, Yamanashi Prefecture. Dinner with Chairman of Fuji Television Network Hieda Hisashi and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu in banquet hall Menuet. Wife Akie also attends
08:31 Depart from hotel
08:54 Arrive at holiday home

Provisional Translation by: Erin M. Jones

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