Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Abenomics Explained

The catchy, clever phrase "Abenomics" is being marketed hard by the Abe team. The new Japanese Administration is trying to position its economic policy as something new and distintive; as more of a catch phrase than a fragile complex of monetary maneuvers. They want it to be a "movement" where the voters feel invested in Abe's success in handling the economy.

Thus, it is no surprise that the economic program is being boiled down for the masses through various popular culture mediums. The new J-pop, girl band Machikado keiki Japan [“Street Corner Conditions JAPAN”] is a prominent part of this trend. The girls raise and lower their skirts along with the stock market--the objective appears to be underwear.

They have just released their first single Abeno☆MIX where they literally sign the praises of Abenomics. The music video is above. You can follow the girls at their website that has the links to their Facebook and Twitter.

These new pop idols are another brainchild of the Alice Project. One needs to ask now what are the politics of the owners of the Alice Project.

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