Sunday, March 17, 2013

Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule Feb 11-17



Spend the morning at home in Tomigaya

12:20 Lunch with Youji Ohashi, ANA Board Chair; and Kenneth Weinstein, CEO of the Hudson Institute at ANA Intercontinental Hotel
02:18 Akasaka Palace, Home of Prince Takamado, attend a funeral.
02:41 Home in Tomigaya

February 12, 2013 (TUE)


07:00 Office
07:02 Mr. Kato, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
08:17 Mr. Kato leaves
08:23 Parliament
08:27 Ministerial meeting
08:59 Lower House Budget Committee

12:02 Office
12:31 Meeting for an Exchange of Views with the Business Community on Overcoming Deflation
12:48 National Security Council meeting
01:06 Press interviews
01:09 Parliament
01:11 Lower House Budget Committee
05:07 Office
05:19 Receives a Visit from US Ambassador to Japan, Mr. John Victor Roos
05:40 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
05:56 Mr. Manago, Administrative Vice Minister of Finance; Mr. Nakao, Director General of Finance Bureau, MoF.
06:38 Hotel New Otani; Attend Dinner Party of Mr. Urushihara, Komei Party’s Diet Affairs Chief
07:00 Dinner with Mr. Takashi Imai, Board Chair Emeritus of Shin Nittetsu; and Mr. Okuda, President Emeritus of Keidanren
08:30 Home in Tomigaya

February 13, 2013 (WED)


08:39 Office
09:00 Tele conference with President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea
09:25 Mr. Sasae Ambassador for the U.S.; Mr. Saiki
10:01 Foreign Minister Kishida; and Defense Minister Onodera
10:45 Mr. Shimizu, Cabinet Office Deputy Minister; and Mr. Mochizuki, Director general of Local Administration Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
10:51 Courtesy call from Abu Al Hassan of Kuwait

12:13 Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Sugita
12:19 Special Advisor for PM, Isozaki
01:07 Mr. Atiyah, Qatari Administrative Oversight Agency Director
01:18 He leaves
02:22 Parliament
02:24 Lower House Budget Committee
05:05 Office
05:10 Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga
05:30 Forum for Promoting Active Participation by Young People and Women
09:11 Home in Tomigaya

February 14, 2013 (THU) 


07:29 Office
07:55 Teleconference with U.S. President Obama
08:16 Mr. Saiki and Mr. Sugiyama from MoFA
08:30 Mr. Seishiro Eto and Mr. Nobuo Kishi, LDP Diplomacy and Economic Cooperation Research Council President and Secretary General
08:54 Parliament
09:00 Lower House Budget Committee
09:36 Mr. Ichiro Aisawa, LDP Political Structure Reform Implementation Headquarters Chief
10:30 Office
10:56 MoFA Administrative Vice Minister Kawai; Mr. Saiki; Mr. Kozuki, European Affairs Bureau Director General
11:46 Courtesy Call from the Mayor of Fujinomiya City and Others

12:31 LDP Secretary General Ishiba
12:52 Parliament
01:03 Lower House Plenary Sessionl
02:15 Lower House Chair Ibuki and Vice Chair Akamatsu; visit ruling party factions; Deputy PM Aso accompanies
02:34 Office
02:50 Mr. Soichiro Tahara, Journalist
03:28 Mr. Tahara leaves
03:55 Former PM Mori
04:26 New and Old Supreme Court Judges, Kaoru Onimaru and Masahiko Sudo
04:45 Administrative Vice Minister of Defense Kanazawa
05:10 Foreign Minister Marti of Indonesia
05:31 Courtesy Call from the Mayor of Obama City, Mr. Koji Matsuzaki
05:54 Meeting with the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Dr. Salam Fayyad
06:01 Foreign Minister Kishida; Administrative Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Kawai; Deputy Foreign Minister Saiki; MoFA North American Affairs Bureau Director General Ihara
07:00 Kawai, Saiki, and Ihara leave
07:15 Kishida leaves
07:33 Dinner with former Cabinet Office National Security Director Atsuyuki Sasaki; former Ambassador to the U.S. Ryozo Kato; and President of Sankei Shimbun Takehiko Kiyotake
09:18 Home in Tomigaya

February 15, 2013 (FRI)


09:06 Office
09:08 Education Minister Shimomura
09:28 Ministerial Meeting
09:52 Parliament
10:01 Upper House Plenary Session
10:19 Office
10:28 Administrative Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Kawai; Saiki; and Ihara
11:17 All leave
11:31 Japan-Palau Summit Meeting

12:04 LDP Headquarters
12:05 LDP Constitutional Revision Promotion Director, Kosuke Hori
12:47 Office
12:48 Ihara, MoFA
01:39 Minister of Economic Reform, Amari
02:11 Amari leaves
03:19 Education Rebuilding Implementation Council
04:47 Meeting ends
05:02 Mr. Kitamura, Director of Cabinet Intelligence; Mr. Kinomura, Director of Defense Intelligence Headquarters; and Mr. Manabe, Deputy Director General, MoD Defense Policy Bureau
05:14 Mr. Kinomura and Mr. Manabe leave
05:30 Mr. Kitamura leaves
06:03 Council of advisers for establishment of National Security Council
07:29 Meeting ends
07:46 Dinner with Satoshi Ishikawa, President of Kyodo News
09:56 Home in Tomigaya

February 16, 2013 (SAT)


10:01 PM Residence
10:23 Interview with Jiji Press
11:10 Interview with the Washington Post

12:07 Interview ends
12:28 LDP Headquarters
12:40 Lunch with secretaries at Japanese Restaurant Origami, the Capitol Hotel Tokyu
01:18 Exercise at Nagomi Spa and Fitness, Hotel Grand Hyatt Roppongi
05:08 Home in Tomigaya

February 17, 2013 (SUN)


09:04 Jog around his home and Yoyogi Park
09:47 Home


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