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Prime Minister of Japan's Schedule Oct 22-28

October 22, 2012 (MON)


09:31 Office
10:26 Mr. Matsumoto, Administrative Vice Minister of Cabinet Office; and Mr. Ssakamoto, Chief Cabinet Office Secretary
10:39 Both leave
11:30 Mr. Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State and others; Mr. Shiba, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and Mr. Ihara, MoFA North American Affairs Bureau Director General, attend

12:01 Government/DPJ Executive meeting
12:52 Meeting ends
01:55 Parliament
02:01 Meeting with Mr. Shii, Japan Communist Party President; Mr. Koshiishi, DPJ Secretary General, and Mr. Ichida, Japan Communist Party Secretary-General, attend
02:20 meeting with Mr. Fukushima, Social Democratic Party President; Mr. Koshiishi and Mr. Hattori, Social Democratic Party Parliamentary Affairs Deputy Chief, attend
02:40 Meeting with Mr. Matsuno, Ishin no Kai (the Japan restoration party) parliamentary representative; Mr. Koshiishi attends
03:14 Meeting with Mr. Tanaka, New Party Nippon President; Mr. Koshiishi attends
03:30 Meeting with Mr. Watanabe, Your Party President; Mr. Koshiishi and Mr. Eda, Your Party Secretary-General, attend
03:53 Office
05:01 Japan-Panama Summit Meeting and Joint Press Conference with President Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal; Mr. Shiba and Mr. Kira, Senior Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, attend
05:45 Dinner Hosted by Prime Minister Noda
06:46 Dinner ends
06:47 See off President Berrocal
06:50 Residence

September 23, 2012 (TUE)


09:24 Office
10:01 Ministerial meeting
10:18 Mr. Shimoji, People’s New Party Secretary-General
10:36 Mr. Sugiyama, MoFA Asia Pacific Affairs Bureau Director-General
11:30 Courtesy Call from the Speaker of the House of Representatives, National Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal
11:44 Meeting ends

01:17 Study group meeting for policy speech with Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary; Mr. Saito, Mr. Shiba, and Mr. Taketoshi, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries
02:11 Meeting ends
02:23 Parliament
02:29 Meeting with Mr. Hiranuma, The Sunrise Party of Japan President; Mr. Koshiishi and Mr. Sonoda, The Sunrise Party Secretary-General
02:39 Meeting ends
02:40 Mr. Koshiishi
02:50 Office
03:56 Mr. Nishimura, Senior Vice Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare; and Mr. Kaneko, Administrative Vice Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare
04:14 Mr. Jojima, Minister of Finance; and Mr. Manago, Administrative Vice Minister of Finance
04:45 Mr. Kanazawa, Administrative Vice Minister of Defense
05:14 Mr. Kitagami, Special Advisor for PM
05:33 Mr. Kitagami leaves
06:18 Mr. Saito
06:40 Africa Ambassadors Meeting participants
07:01 Residence

October 24, 2012 (WED)


09:31 Office
10:31 Courtesy Call from Representatives of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP)
11:30 Mr. Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia

12:03 Mr. Fujimura; and Mr. Minoru Taki, DPJ Lower House member
01:30 Parliament
01:33 Meeting with Mr. Suzuki, New Party DAICHI President; Mr. Koshiishi and MR. Matsuki, New Party DAICHI Deputy President
02:02 Office
02:55 Imperial Palace; Recognition ceremony for Mr. Taki, new Justice Minister
03:53 Office
04:00 Mr. Fujimra gives letters of assignments
04:35 Mr. Hiroshi Nakai, Lower House Budget Committee Chair
04:44 Mr. Nakai leaves
05:58 Residence

October 25, 2012 (THU)


08:52 Office
08:58 Mr. Saito and Mr. Kawauchi, Cabinet Affairs Office Director-General
09:25 Mr. Jojima, Minister of Finance; and Mr. Maehara, Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy
10:01 Ad-hoc ministerial meeting
10:47 Mr. Gemba, Minister of Foreign Affairs
11:08 Mr. Gemba leaves

01:41 Akasaka Imperial Palace Garden; Autumn lawn party; Mrs. Noda attends
03:03 Office
03:56 Mr. Kitagami, Special Advisor for PM
04:25 Mr. Adachi, Administrative Vice Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry; Mr. Ueda, Trade Policy Bureau Director-General
04:57 Both leave
05:28 Mr. Saito and Mr. Kawauchi, Cabinet Affairs Office Director-General
06:02 Mr. Kitamura, Head of Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
06:58 Residence; Dinner with Mr. Yamai, DPJ Parliamentary Affairs Council Chief; Mr. Terata, Mr. Mitani, and Mr. Ogushi, Special Adivisors, attend
09:11 All leave

October 26, 2012 (FRI)


09:33 Office
09:38 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
10:02 Ministerial meeting
10:21 Mr. Tatsuo Hirano, Minister for Reconstruction in the Response to the East Japan Earthquake; and Mr. Suzuki, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General
10:50 Mr. Saito, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
11:00 Mr. Okada, Deputy Prime Minsiter
11:42 Mr. Kawakami, Special Advisor for PM

12:00 Mr. Kawakami leaves
02:31 Conversation with chief editors of major newspapers and agencies; Mr. Saito, Mr. Shiba, and Mr. Taketoshi, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries, attend
03:01 Conversation with private TV station’s analysts
03:26 Conversation with directors of media agencies
03:48 Meeting ends
04:30 Mr. Oakda, Deputy Prime Minister; Mr. Gemba, Foreign Minister; Mr. Morimoto, Defense Minister, and Mr. Fujimura, Chief Cabinet Secretary
04:46 All leave
05:30 Courtesy call from Mr. John Hamre, CSIS President; Mr. Okada, Mr. Saito, and Mr. Shiba, attend
06:00 Meeting with the Members of the Association of the Families of Victims Kidnapped by North Korea and Others
06:19 Residence

October 27, 2012 (SAT) * Visit Iwate Prefecture


06:44 JR Tokyo Station
06:56 Leave Tokyo Station on a bullet train; Mr. Mitani, Special Advisor, attends
09:22 JR Morioka Station; Mr. Tatsuo Hirano, Minister for Reconstruction in the Response to the East Japan Earthquake; and Mr. Kikawata, Senior Vice Minister for Reconstruction, attend
09:33 Iwate Prefectural Government Office
09:36 Meeting with Governor Takuya Tasso of Iwate
09:56 Meeting ends

12:04 Lunch with Mayor Masanori Yamamoto of Miyako City, at a local fish restaurant “Uomoto”
12:39 Observe local shopping district
01:20 Taro district in Miyako; Pay a moment of silence
01:59 Fujiwara pier; observe the shredding and sorting facility
02:17 Leave Fujiwara pier
03:01 Nagane Fishery in Yamada Machi, Iwate; Mayor Shinitsu Sato greets
03:23 Visit temporary housing
04:06 Press interview
04:11 Interview ends
06:46 JR Morioka Station
07:04 Leave Morioka Station
09:23 Arrive at Tokyo Station
09:40 Residence

October 28, 2012 (SUN)



01:31 The Capitol Hotel Tokyu; Haircut at Spa & Barber Carju Rajah Tiado
03:08 Residence

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