Sunday, January 23, 2011

A look ahead

Every year, APP's staff, fellows, and interns waste some time thinking about the future. We take out the I-Ching sticks, shake the the 8-ball, and work ourselves into a trance trying to make sense out of what Joe Nye says. The result is our (in)famous In/Out list for the Asia policy crowd. Below we share some of our predictions with you. APP members have already received the full list. And of course we always welcome comments, input, and bribes to include your name or organization.
G-2 G-20
Malaysia Indoneisa
Holocaust Victims POWs of Japan
Pirates Chinese Navy
Kan Kan't
Hu Who Next
Currency War Competitiveness
Henoko Bay Cam Ranh Bay
Exports  Domestic demand
Peaceful Rise Sovereignty
Smart Power Isolationism
Futenma Clark Air Base
ROKS Cheonan USS George Washington
AKB-48 GNP-48%
Dokdo Kurils
Hapless Feckless
Geopolitical forecasts Paul the Dead Octopus
Crazy Nork Leader Crazy Nork Leader

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