Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Washington winds down

CHINA’S IMPACT IN AFRICA: HOW DOES CHINA’S ROLE IN DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA COMPARE WITH THE WEST’S? 12/16, 12:30-2:00pm, Lunch, Washington, DC. Sponsor: Society for International Development. Speakers: Ezra Suruma, Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution; Former Minister of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development in Uganda; Derek Scissors, Research Fellow at the Asian Studies Center and the Heritage Foundation, Adjunct Professor at George Washington University, and author of Where China Invests, And Why It Matters; Uche Igwe, Civil Society Liaison Officer, Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative; Visiting Scholar at the Africa Studies Program, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University.

CHINA'S UNBALANCED GROWTH: VICE OR VIRTUE? 12/16, 9:00-11:00am, Washington, DC. Sponsor: Carnegie Endowment. Speakers: Myron Brilliant, senior vice president of international affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Yukon Huang, senior fellow at CEIP's Asia Program; Michael Pettis, senior associate at CEIP's Asia Program; and Douglas Paal, vice president of studies at CEIP.

FIRST QUADRENNIAL DIPLOMACY AND DEVELOPMENT REVIEW: STRENGTHENING AMERICA'S ROLE IN 21ST CENTURY. 12/16, Noon-1:15pm, Washington, DC. Sponsor: Woodrow Wilson Center. Speakers: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Director, Office of Policy Planning, US Department of State; John Sewell, Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

TONY BLAIR: "REFORM FOR RESULTS: HOW AFRICA'S LEADERS ARE TRANSFORMING GOVERNMENT AND HOW WE CAN HELP." 12/16, 9:30am, Washington, DC. Sponsor: Center for Global Development. Speaker: Tony Blair, Former British Prime Minister.

LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY TO RECLAIM AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP. 12/16, 8:30am-12:30pm, Washington, DC. Sponsor: Brookings. Speakers: Darrell West, Vice President and Director, Governance Studies; Aneesh Chopra, US Chief Technology Officer, Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House; Roberto Rodriguez, Special Assistant to President Obama for Education, Domestic Policy Council, White House; Phil Weiser, Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation to the National Economic Council Director, White House; James H. Shelton III, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement, US Department of Education; Karen Cator, Director, Office of Educational Technology, US Department of Education; Tom Kalil, Deputy Director for Policy, Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House; Terry Moe, Member, Koret Task Force on K–12 Education, Hoover Institution; William Bennett, Munro Professor of Political Science, Stanford University; Stacey Childress, Deputy Director of Education, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Dan Kaufman, Director, Information Processing Techniques Office, DARPA; Brett Pelham, Program Director, Head of Cyber-learning, National Science Foundation; Bror Saxberg, Chief Learning Officer, Kaplan, Inc; Ed Fish, CEO,; Peter Levin, Chief Technology Officer, US Department of Veterans Affairs; Paul Peterson, Director of, Program on Education Policy and Governance, Harvard University; Marilyn Reznick, Executive Director, AT&T Foundation; Bob Wise, Former Governor (D-WV), Co-chair, Digital Learning Council. 

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