Saturday, May 1, 2010

World Bank & IMF Meetings

Washington hosted the annual IMF/World Bank spring meetings April 24 to 25. This year's protest were quite subdued and less colorful than in past years. Following the meetings and international development  issue have never been easier. There was a blog and a number of significant reports:

For the researcher, the most significant release of the meeting was the announcement that the World Bank Group will now offer free access to more than 2,000 financial, business, health, economic and human development statistics. An initial 330 indicators are available in French, Spanish and Arabic. The new website is

Meeting Site:
World Bank Meetings Blog:
Global Monitoring Report 2010: The MDGs after the Crisis,
World Economic Outlook,
Global Financial Stability Report,
East Asia & Pacific on the Rise Blog,

Organizations relevant to the study of international finance and development in Washington,

Peterson Institute for International Economics,
Institute of International Finance,
Center for Global Development,
Society for International Development,

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