Sunday, June 29, 2014

Monday in Washington, June 30, 2014

Iwo Jima Memorial
Congress is in recess and the July 4th holiday is Friday.

AN ASSESSMENT OF RUSSIAN DEFENSE CAPABILITIES AND SECURITY STRATEGY. 6/30, 9:00-10:30am. Sponsor: Russia and Eurasia Program, CSIS. Speakers: Paul N. Schwartz, Senior Associate, Russia and Eurasia Program, CSIS; Clark A Murdock, Senior Adviser and Director, Defense and National Security Group, Project on Nuclear Issues, CSIS; Andrew C. Kuchins, Director and Senior Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program, CSIS; Jeffrey A. Mankoff; Deputy Director and Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program, CSIS; Samuel J. Brannen, Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS.

ABENOMICS AND ITS IMPACT ON THE ASIAN ECONOMY. 6/30, 10:00-11:15am. Sponsor: Center for East Asia Policy Studies, Brookings. Speakers: Mireya Solís, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Center for East Asia Policy Studies, and Philip Knight Chair in Japan Studies, Brookings; Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean, Asian Development Bank; and Eswar Prasad, Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development, and New Century Chair in International Trade and Economics, Brookings; Ed Gresser, Executive Director, Progressive Economy Project, GlobalWorks Foundation; Katsuhiko (Kevin) Ichikawa, General Manager, Central Japan Railway Company; Christopher G. Caine (moderator), President & CEO, Mercator XXI, LLC.

LESSONS ON HOW THE U.S. CAN REFORM THE UN. 6/30, 11:00am-12:30pm. Sponsor: Heritage. Speakers: Christopher Bancroft Burnham, Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations for Management; Kim R. Holmes, Former Assistant Secretary for International Organizations, U.S. Department of State; Joseph M. Torsella, Former U.S. Representative to the United Nations for Management and Reform; and Brett D. Schaefer, Jay Kingham, Senior Research Fellow in International Regulatory Affairs, Heritage.

AN EVOLVING PARTNERSHIP: US-JAPANESE RELATIONS AFTER PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VISIT TO JAPAN. 6/30, 3:00-4:00pm. Sponsor: Center for American Progress (CAP). Speaker: Neera Tanden, President, CAP; Kenichiro Sasae, Japanese Ambassador to the United States; and Glen S. Fukushima, Senior Fellow, CAP.

CALL FOR TRANSNATIONAL JIHAD. 6/30, 4:00-5:00pm. Sponsor: Hudson. Speakers: Husain Haqqani, Senior Fellow and Director for South & Central Asia, Hudson Institute; and Arif Jamal, Author.

BANGLADESH-INDIA RELATIONS UNDER MODI. 6/30, 3:30-5:00pm. Sponsor: South Asia Program, Carnegie. Speakers: Farooq Sobhan, President and CEO, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute; and Frederic Grare, Director, South Asia Program, Carnegie.

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