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Asia Policy Point is an independent, U.S. nonprofit [501(c)(3)] research center that meets the practical needs of executives, scientists, engineers, educators, policymakers, and journalists. Professionals learn to integrate both Japanese information and U.S.-Japan technology and economic policies in their research and strategic planning.

Founded in 1991, Asia Policy Point (formerly Japan Information Access Project)

  • Organizes meetings that bring together experts and policymakers on Japanese and Western science, technology, industrial, and public policy

  • Researches critical and emerging issues affecting the economic and scientific relations between Japan and the West. Research areas include: semiconductors, electronics, multimedia, biomedical technologies, chemicals and materials, aerospace, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, environment, intellectual property, economic development, Internet, security, and trade and technology policies

  • Publishes the Asia Policy Calendar (APC), a Monday e-mail focused on upcoming hearings, events, news, reports, and opinion relevant to the Northeast Asian policy watcher.


  • Asia Policy Point is funded by its membership dues and American universities and foundations. Funding is neither received nor solicited from Japanese organizations.

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