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  • Comfort Women: Articles, historical documents and other sources about the “ianfu."  Est. March 2007. "Blog" by a former head of NHK TV, Noburo Ikeda who was forced to resign after he allowed the station to be intimidated by politicians wanting to change the content of a program on the Comfort Women. Blog posts familiar, English-language articles disputing the Comfort Women’s history.

  • Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact [Shijitsu wo sekai ni hasshin suru kai] Est. 2007. In English. Volunteers seeking inform the western world of the true Japanese view of history. Topics the Nanking Incident, Manchuria, Comfort Women, and Yasukuni Shrine. Japanese site features a blog.

  • Falcon Breaking News [Hayabusa sokuhou] Blog by Heijiro Ise, real name: Nobuyoshi Ozaki, a retired Japanese businessman who lives in Louisiana. He is heading a campaign to sue or at least to unseat Congressmen Honda and Lantos for libeling Japan’s honor on the Comfort Women issue. Japanese Only.

  • Embassy of Japan in U.S. Comfort Women Issue Page. States the current government of Japan's position toward H. Res. 121.

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