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Asia Policy Point carries forth its mission through a range of public programs and activities. Each program area represents an essential and interrleated component of our work on Asia. We seek funding for each of these these programs.

These Programs Are:

Japan Information Access Project (JIAP)
Targeted, specific Japan-focused research is the focus of this program. Here we research and write reports and anlaysis on Japan and US-Japan relations. (More)

Asian Science and Technology Forum (AST)
Understanding science and technological (S&T) development in Asia and how this affects national security is the focus of this program. Here we organize programs on different aspects of Asian S&T and how American scientists and engineers can best cooperate with the Asian colleagues. Programs always include documents to assist in futher understanding of the region and S&T infrastructure. (More)

Asia Group
Building a network and sharing research among women professionals is the focus of this program. Here we sponsor a discussion group for women Asia security professionals in the Washington Area. Women working on significant projects are invited to give a brief prensentations for discussion. Often visiting scholars or government officials are invited to participate. All discussions are off the record. (More)

Resources for Researchers
Providing Asia policy researcher quick and easy access to a range of relevant materials and organizations is the focus of this program. Here we publish newsletters and resource guides to help the Asia policy analyst and researcher find documents, statistics, government papers, speeches, scholarly research, commentary, and events on Asia. (More)

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