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Founded in 1991 as the Japan Information Access Project and renamed in 2006, Asia Policy Point (APP) is an independent,

US nonprofit [501(c)(3)] research center studying the US policy relationship with Japan and Asia. APP is a resource for

scholars, policymakers, policy analysts, and journalists.

APP is supported by its members and grants from American universities, think tanks, and foundations.

Membership fees are the primary form of support for APP.


Benefits of Membership

Only members receive notices and discounts on programs and publications


Asia Policy Calendar (APC)

Weekly Monday E-mail preview of upcoming hearings, events, and conferences as well as

a review of Asia policy-relevant presentations, reports, sources, and opinion


Research Assistance

Access to the best experts and resources on Japan and Asia


Policy Analysis

Public and private research papers, information resource guides,

seminars, workshops, and conferences examining Japan and Asia’s political, economic, technology, and security relationship with the world



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